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setsuden yahoo dating

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The parents took the action amid rising concerns about school lunch safety among parents in the wake of the ongoing nuclear crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant. The mayor told them that no milk has been found tainted with radiation so far and that the harvest areas of foodstuffs will be disclosed at all schools in the ward. One of the parents said they cannot trust the safety of food, although the authorities have explained that the current provisional legal limit for radioactive substances in food are higher than in other countries.

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The parent said they all want the ward to set its own rules. Unlike many foreign universities where autumn admission is the norm, enrollment at the University of Tokyo starts in April following entrance examinations in February and March. After considering this and other issues involved, the university aims to reach a conclusion within the year, a university spokesman said.

setsuden yahoo dating

The university will maintain its current entrance exam schedule, and is therefore considering how students should spend the six months until their autumn admission. One possibility is sending students to study abroad during that period, to enhance their abilities.

The university is also considering whether to prolong its enrollment period beyond the current four years, as well as whether to switch completely to an autumn admissions system or allow both spring and autumn admissions. All nurseries to provide preschool education Japan Times, Jul 7 Excerpts follow… The government plans to make all nurseries provide preschool education in addition to day care to address the gap between kindergartens as an education service and nurseries as a welfare service.

After finalizing the plan at a meeting of a council tasked with tackling the falling birthrate, the government aims to submit relevant legislation to the Diet next year for a possible phased implementation starting in fiscalgovernment sources said Tuesday. Fuka and her owner Noriaki Echigo have served as crossing guards for neighborhood children going to a primary school every morning during the twice-yearly nationwide campaign for 4 years.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development recently published the results of a first-of-its-kind survey to test the digital literacy of year-olds who have completed compulsory education. The average score of Japanese students stood at points, ranking fourth among 19 countries and territories that took part in the program.

We are relieved to know that the digital literacy of Japanese students is relatively high by international standards.

setsuden yahoo dating

All the questions in the test were given on personal computers. The students were tested on their ability to find necessary information from relevant Web sites and present answers in their own words online. The survey also found that students who read books more scored higher than those who read less. This indicates the importance of sufficient book-reading time to cultivate comprehension ability without relying on the haphazard use of computers. It is necessary for schools to work out curriculums by first clarifying which subjects should be learned through computer use.

Following in the footsteps of Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, an increasing number of local governments are promoting computer-based education. The Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry should collect as many examples of such online class activities as possible to make them widely available online for schools. We live in an era in which science and technology are constantly developing.

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In addition to conveying existing knowledge, it is essential to teach children how to acquire the latest information, such as via the Internet. Thus, teachers must make constant efforts to develop their teaching methods during their training at university and through participation in various seminars inside and outside school as they progress through their teaching careers. Students from the Osaka School Of Music will add to the festivities by performing an acoustic mini-concert outdoors.

Other performers will include: There will also be a variety of stalls selling books or traditional summer food, and plenty of games for families to play. Most impressive is a meter bamboo grass tunnel, complete with an artificial Milky Way created by glittering LED lights. This year, a banner will also be hung to show support for the victims of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and to help promote the renowned Tanabata festival in Sendai, which is set to happen in August.

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Language schools across Canada have banded together to offer a special scholarship program under which tuition, accommodation and transportation will be offered for free, the embassy said. Details of the program will be released by the fall. Students aged 16 or older, mainly from the Tohoku region, will go to Canada when they are ready. So far nuclear plants have reacted safely against earthquakes, since they immediately shut down and start the cool down process.

As long as the cool down process is not interrupted nuclear reactors remain safe, the problem this time was that the unexpected tsunami interrupted the cool down process resulting in a chain reaction of disastrous events.

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Boiling Water Reactor Diesel generators essential for the cool down process once there is a loss in main grid power, they are the first line of defense. The diesel generators need ventilation for combustion, due to the flooding caused by the tsunami they drowned and shut down.

However there is a secondary line of defense composed by auxiliary batteries that run the cool down process but only temporarily. These batteries ran just long enough to allow time to restore main power, however due to the magnitude of the quake restoring the main grid power was not possible. This caused failure of the whole reactor cool down system unleashing a series of events that caused the explosions of the buildings and the release of radiation from the compound.

The situation at Fukushima was a the perfect example of the worst case scenario. A level 9 earthquake which was above the design standards Tsunami Loss of all the lines of defense against power loss How come they were not prepared for the worst case scenario? The question is can a level 9 earthquake and tsunami be unexpected in a country that is cornered by 4 active tectonic plates?

Not expecting this kind of natural disaster just demonstrates the over confidence and irresponsibility in plant design. And I think I can explain this overconfidence.

Why the overconfidence in plant design? The last Daishinsai in Japan occured in in the region of Kanto. This earthquake probably still vivid in the memory of that past generations appears to have suffered from amnesia in the generation that built the Fukushima Plant. Back then buildings were not brought down by the quake itself but by the fires unleashed by the burning cooking stoves. Back then the main source of energy was wood and coal. Fukushima Reactors before the disaster Kanto Daishinsai was a crude experience, a scar from the past of preindustrial Japan.