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Such diseases are not limited to wrong sexual tendencies, Any tendency toward Haram or Makrouh is a disease of heart, as is any loathing to a. Listening to music is haraam, whether in Ramadaan or at other times, but it is more forbidden in Ramadaan, and is a greater sin, because. Yes it is haram (I don't even know why you're asking it seems like you r u hot? do u participate in sports or listen to muslim gospel music from.

Yes it is haram I don't even know why you're asking it seems like you fully admit that it is haram and are clearly admitting that you are following your Nafs egoso I don't know what the question is. Doesn't matter if they're kafirs or Muslims, it is all recorded on your record and you will be asked about all of that on the day of Horror.

You mention feeling excited. They say that the thoughts in your head are not always your own thoughts, but the thoughts put in there by your shaytan. Further, your Nafs ego is also a culprit in you feeling this way. So in these situations you are doing two of the four types of j1had: You have to control your Nafs, tame it, and not let it control you. We are not here to worship our whims and desires which come from our Nafs we are here to fulfill the will of Allah subhana wa ta'ala.

Prophet Muhammad sallahallahu alaihi wasalam told us to get married as soon as possible to protect us from zina. He said, if you cannot get married, for whatever reason, then you should fast. So fasting is something you should do to control your urges, and there is a lot of reward in fasting, it is rewarded without measure by Allah ta'ala personally and patience is the only other deed that is rewarded without measure that we know of.

However, this life is a Puzzle game for us to first understand our characteristics, to understand the list of all good-and-bad things, to decide to improve, to guide each characteristic that we have to its own place in a pattern life. Does that mean being arrogant can have a right place in a healthy life style?

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The poor is recommended to be arrogant against the arrogant? Having good temper to other Mu'min is more than recommended but not necessarily to all nonbelievers as well! Women are encouraged to be miser when spending on their husband's money, be arrogant when communicating with a stranger man, be timid in several situations, and the same adjectives would be very discouraged for a man in similar situations.

You see how is the game we are expecting to play in during this life, it's by no means easy. You count some of your diseases in heart wrong tendencies and temptations and I can count some of mine. They are not necessarily the same, but most of us are participating a similar puzzle game if not exactly the same.

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Examinations are different but there are examinations for all of us. The examinations Allah put forward to our everyday lives are not for Allah to give us points, but for us to better recognize ourselves, our weak and strong points, to diagnose our diseases, and to cure our diseases.

Once a person admits he is sick, then he can decide whether to cure it or to let it improve. Even many bodily and mental diseases have similar origins and causes.

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This is not something that we can blame our God for that. A person who wants to lie but he is not allowed, a person who likes to perform sex with a beautiful girl but is not allowed, a person who is arrogant but he is not allowed to be so, and infinity of many other people who suffer a disease in heart and are expected to cure themselves before to die.

We are here to earn Taqwa pietythat we like to do something but Allah wants us not to do so and we prefer Allah's will over ours.