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If you plan on hiring a taxi for a long journey, inspect the quality of the tires, some are extremely worn. Don't hesitate to tell the driver to slow down.

This can sometimes be negotiated down, especially if you pay in USD. For a small premium you can avoid very much trouble; you can reserve a taxi for the whole day or evening. This can be convenient as well as safer if you are visiting a number of places and doing some shopping. You should be able to get that for Tzs. By Bajaj[ edit ] Small, three-wheeled Indian vehicles, these are popular as they cost approximately half the equivalent taxi fare and are able to travel alongside the roads when blocked by the inevitable traffic jams.

They have a reputation for being rather dangerous, and some drivers appear to be too young for a driving license. Up to three people can fit in the seat behind the driver. Daladala[ edit ] The most common form of public transportation in Dar is the mini-van which goes by the name "daladala". These vans ply a specific route with the start and ending point clearly marked on the front of the vehicle. At the main stations Simu, Gerezani, Makumbusho etc.

You can jump on and off anywhere along the route by simply yelling out, "Shusha! The fare is indicated on the outside of the daladala, normally painted onto the door.

That being said, travelers should not hesitate to use them for getting around. Watch out for pickpockets as you get into and leave crowded vehicles. It helps if you know a little Kiswahili and are at least a little familiar with the city when using daladalas. Since they tend to be very crowded, you should guard your belongings. This is especially true when you are at large bus stations such as Makumbusho.

Boarding daladalas in city centre stations Posta, Gerezani is a competitive undertaking during the evening rush. It's easier to avoid leaving the city center during the peak of the rush hour, 4: Often, if there are many people waiting for a certain daladala like the popular Makumbusho to Posta and there is a scramble to get on, if you just wait for the next one you'll have no problem getting on, and might even get a seat!

Pickpockets are at work at outlying daladala terminals after the sun sets. Have awareness of your pockets, especially when boarding a bus. Turn that awareness meter up if you are boarding from Posta or Gerezani. The best part of using the daladala system is that locals will often strike up friendly conversations and are always willing to help you with your Kiswahili.

Travel by daladala can be quite enjoyable so long as you are on the correct route. A nice daladala day trip is from town to [Bagamoyo], about a minute trek north of the city. The cost is TSH 2, May From the stand in Bagamoyo you can take a bajaji think 3-wheeled golf cart to historic sites including 13th century ruins, a 19th century German garrison, and a very colorful seafood market on the beach.

Getting back to Dar es Salaam, you'll be pushing your luck if you delay much past 5PM. See[ edit ][ add listing ] National Museum. The national museum mainly shows photos and exhibitions on the development of human nature.

All of the houses within the village were constructed in accordance with the types of houses built by various ethnic groups throughout Tanzania.

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Ngoma dance shows are held from PM on certain days. Buses to Makumbusho depart from the main post office, near the Askari Monument.

Twenty-one kilometers southeast of the Kigamboni ferry. Still in use for seminars. The hotel charges a small fee for non-guests.

Dar es Salaam

Kigamboni also known as "South Beach", is situated across the channel from the Zanzibar ferry. You can get to the other side by ferry, not the same as for Zanzibar. The ferry station is north of the Zanzibar ferry past the Kilimanjaro Kempinski Hotel near the main fish market. You walk onto the ferry which costs Tsh. The crossing takes about 5 minutes. Photography is officially prohibited on the ferry and at the ferry terminals, so be discreet.

Once across, you can hire a taxi to take you to the beaches, most of which are accessed through the various hotels along the coast. Public beaches have all been sold to developers. Hotels, such as the Sunrise, will charge a 5,Tsh entry fee. Most hotels are about 5km from the ferry and you should be able to get there for 10, to 15,Tsh depending on your negotiating skills. There are also daladalas which ply the road to the beaches. This is a highlight of the city: Wonder Workshop is a project started a couple of years ago to provide work to Tanzanians with a handicap.

Throughout the years the project has grown and nowadays 45 Tanzanians with a handicap make art out of recycled materials Metal, wood, glass bottles, papers etc. It is possible to walk around and see the people working in their workshops. There is also a shop in which you can buy all kinds of souvenirs or bigger items. It is great to walk around and be able to shop for souvenirs and jewelry without being haggled by sales persons.

There is a variety of items and especially the welding section recycled metal is known all around the world. People are amazing at the project which is run by a dutch lady at the moment. To get there ask a taxi driver or a Bagagi driver for: Opposite of Twiga Pub! Monday to Friday 8. Saturday from 10am - 6pm. For day trip arrangement you leave Dar at This tour operator may organize this trip for you.

If you do not want to go with Shrike Safaris or other major-tour-operater, there are also small operators around. And some are even specialized on city-tours in Dar Es Salaam. One of them is Kizito-Tours [www. Another great day trip, head out to Bongoyo Island.

Bongoyo is a small, uninhabited island just off the coast. A taxi from the city center should run you 8, Tsh. The first boat leaves at 9: The return ferries are at There is a small restaurant on the island which serves a variety of foods and drinks grilled prawns, fish and chips, egg and chips, beer etc.

Another option is to buy food at the Shrijee's supermarket at Slipway. You can relax without having to worry about anyone stealing your things on Bongoyo. As you walk down the street, barkers will try to entice you to come in; if you are not interested, simply smile and walk on. Don't pay more than than four dollars for fake jewelry. In Aprilpolice found 1, shell casings on various streets after one battle left 13 suspected drug traffickers dead. The essence Do not bring any valuables, because the hotel clerk may steal it from you.

This inexpensive restaurant is the opposite of the noisy, over-priced tourist traps that line Revolucion. Illegal drugs and drunk driving are taken seriously in Mexico, as they are elsewhere. Because of the diversity of Mexico and the influx of immigrants from almost every region in the country, there are no accurate estimates on ethnicity or race of the current population. Either currency is accepted generally. Tijuana Time change It is very similar to traditional Chinese medicine Eat[ edit ][ add listing ] Apart from the abundant, over-priced tourist traps, local cuisine ranges from world-class restaurants to locals-only eateries and street vendors selling tacos.

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