Marion county oregon boundaries in dating

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marion county oregon boundaries in dating

Publication date. Clackamas, Clark, Multnomah, Washington, Polk, Columbia, Marion, Hood River, and Yamhill county boundaries in Oregon and Clark. From this data, in conjunction with the Oregon Revised Statutes and other laws When a situation disclosing a conflict in a property boundary occurs, you must. Oregon counties by date of establishment. – – – – After The following is a list of 36 counties in the U.S. state of Oregon. The Oregon Constitution does .. Historic county boundaries from the Oregon Archives; Map of counties adjusted for population.

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How do I change ownership of my property? Marion County will continue to provide the required certification that taxes have been paid in order to complete ownership transfers.

To obtain updated information about where and how you can process ownership transfers please click here. For Real Property land, site built homes, commercial property: We receive copies of those recordings and identify the property being transferred from the legal description on the deed and check the title of record with the new document. Allow approximately four weeks for changes to appear in our records. Ownership can also be changed through court action: Divorce - bring in or mail a copy of the Final Decree and, if applicable, the Property Settlement Agreement.

Probate - bring in or mail a copy of the Final Decree of Distribution. Small Estates - bring in or mail a copy of the Affidavit or Heirship and the death certificate. Lawsuit - bring in or mail a copy of the Final Decree, Order or Judgment, signed by the judge.

How do I obtain a copy of my deed? Deeds for real property can be obtained at the Marion County Clerk's Office. Contact them at or clerksoffice co. If you have lost the Ownership Document, please contact our Manufactured Structures section at Why am I paying taxes to other counties? You may have noticed this by reading the list of tax districts applicable to your account as shown to the right on your tax statement, and noticed that some include the names of other counties or areas located in other counties.

This is because many tax districts cross county boundaries, usually for efficiencies and economies of scale. What is Business Personal Property? Most people know that property tax applies to real property, such as land and buildings.

The characteristic that distinguishes Business Personal Property from real property is mobility. Business Personal Property is property that is not affixed to, or part of, real estate. Business Personal Property may include but is not limited to furniture, fixtures, machinery, equipment, office equipment, etc. For assessment and taxation purposes, when we speak of Personal Property we are effectively referring to Business Personal Property under current Oregon law.

Taxable Business Personal Property includes machinery, equipment, furniture, etc. However, Business Personal Property taxes are not applicable to business inventories or intangible property such as copyrights and trademarks. Business Personal Property is subject to the same levy rate as real property. The Department of Revenue is also involved in the administration of property taxes and advises assessors on how to assess property to assure uniformity of assessment and taxation throughout the state.

marion county oregon boundaries in dating

With your return you must provide a listing of all your taxable Personal Property that was located in the county at 1: If you have multiple business locations, you must complete a separate return for each location. As a business owner, you are responsible for filing a Personal Property return each year that you have taxable property, even if you do not receive the form by mail.

Oregon law requires that Business Personal Property be valued at percent of its real market value. The assessed value is allocated to the taxing district s based on where the property is located. Your return will help the Assessor assess your Business Personal Property accurately. Written title to property acquired by unwritten means acquiescence or adverse possession can only be obtained through recording a mutually signed document or through court proceedings.

For that reason, allowing present ownership conditions to continue as is in the hopes that a problem will resolve itself will not resolve the ownership problem. An accurate boundary survey, in which boundary lines are identified by a licensed surveyor and are legally defensible and in which all necessary legal elements have been observedis usually an effective means by which to resolve common boundary conflicts without burdening the property with additional legal encumbrances.

This opinion is satisfactory under most normal circumstances. Only a court of law can determine ownership more decisively than a qualified Land Surveyor. A Land Surveyor is the only one qualified to prepare a plat for a proposed division of land. Platting rules differ slightly with each county or city. A qualified surveyor would be familiar with local rules and procedures.

The surveyor will recommend an engineer to design streets, water supply system and sewer systems and to perform other engineering services that might be required.

marion county oregon boundaries in dating

Land surveyors conduct most engineering surveys. They are knowledgeable and equipped to prepare topographic surveys, to supply control for aerial photography, to layout construction projects, to survey right of way for power lines and roadways, and so forth.

marion county oregon boundaries in dating

Not under normal circumstances. The obvious exception is if the surveyor from another state also possesses a license from the State of Oregon. Can an Engineer Do a Land Survey? Also, beware of survey technicians who may be skilled in only some aspects of surveying and are not licensed as Land Surveyors.

The Professional Land Surveyor is an individual whose highly specialized background, training and skills have been rigorously examined, and who has been licensed by the State of Oregon to practice land surveying. Most survey work is acquired through the personal recommendations of satisfied clients, or through attorneys, real estate companies, and title companies who frequently handle real estate transactions.

If it is difficult to obtain a recommendation, probably the most direct way would be to check the listings under "Surveyors - Land" in the classified section of the telephone directory. According to Oregon law, only licensed practitioners can advertise themselves as Land Surveyors.

While the County Surveyor's Office cannot make recommendations, they may be able to provide you with the names of surveyors who have worked in your specific area in the past. Surveyors should be able to provide you with references for their previous work.

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Is a Written Contract Required? Traditionally, contracts for surveys have been by oral agreement. Many surveys have been requested over the phone. However, in recent years it is becoming more common for the client to visit the Land Surveyor's office, discuss requirements of the survey, and enter into a written contract which tends to assure a better understanding between the client and the Land Surveyor. A good contract contains a clear understanding of services to be provided, costs, time lines, and extra work contingencies.

A good contract protects both the client and the surveyor. In most cases it will not be possible to get more than an estimate, because many of the factors involved in the survey are indeterminable early in the process. Final cost is dependent upon the time required to perform research to obtain the necessary information of record, to perform preliminary fieldwork, to perform the required office computations, and to monument your lines on the ground.

Marion County, Oregon, Census, 1895

Most surveyors will prepare an estimate based on their experience in estimating hours of work times their hourly fee schedules which can be used as a basis for a written contract. Competency, service and responsibility are of first importance. Since low cost and high quality are often inconsistent, and judging the amount of work necessary to produce a quality survey may be difficult before the project begins, it is probably unreasonable to expect your surveyor to "bid" on a project, then stick to the bid price.

With the client's purpose in mind, the Professional Land Surveyor can work more efficiently and thus reduce costs. If you have a deed or mortgage description, aerial photograph of the land, or an abstract, give a copy to the Land Surveyor.

marion county oregon boundaries in dating

In addition, if you have knowledge of a stone, wooden stake, iron rod or pipe, etc. The Land Surveyor's final product will vary with each survey depending upon the reason for the surveybut generally you will be furnished with a copy of a signed and stamped plat or map showing what the Land Surveyor has done, showing the corners monumented or otherwise identified.

A narrative on the map will describe why and how the survey was performed. SinceOregon law has required that all surveys performed by licensed surveyors in which a property corner is set be filed with the County Surveyor. Your survey should be on file and copies available to the public if it was performed after