Jeffrey chadwick dating the birth

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jeffrey chadwick dating the birth

5. Dating the Birth of Jesus Christ. Jeffrey R. Chadwick. In his classic entitled Jesus the Christ, Elder James E. Talmage main- tained that Jesus Christ was. Daniel C. Peterson, Jeffrey M. Bradshaw, Daniel Oswald (): 15–85; on the date of Christ's birth, see Jeffrey R. Chadwick, “Dating the Birth of Jesus Christ,”. Jeffrey R. Chadwick, “Dating the Birth of Jesus Christ,” BYU Studies 49, . See Jeffrey R. Chadwick, Stone Manger: The Untold Story of the First.

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He took it from Section 20 of the Doctrine and Covenants — a collection of revelations mostly through the Mormon founding prophet, Joseph Smith Jr. Since his book, Mormons — from church leaders to children — have accepted April 6 as the real date of Jesus' birth. Chadwick, an associate professor of church history and doctrine at BYU, published an article in the latest issue of BYU Studies on "Dating the Birth of Jesus Christ" that challenges the popular but not universal Mormon dating of Jesus' birth to April 6.

And he is in good company.

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InPresident J. InElder Bruce R. McConkie, also an apostle, favored December 5 B.

jeffrey chadwick dating the birth

Harper, a BYU assistant professor of church history and a volume editor of the Joseph Smith Papers, said in a phone interview that some people, including Elder Talmage, have read this verse as if it is the Lord speaking and revealing precisely that Christ was born 1, years before that day and that the revelation was given on April 6, So although it references the organization of the church a few days earlier, the revelation — which topically has nothing to do with the birth date of Christ — and its introductory verses "shouldn't be read as if it is a revelation of the birth date of Jesus Christ," Harper said.

Another time he wrote, "It is now June the twelfth, one thousand eight hundred and thirty one years, since the coming of our Lord and Savior in the flesh.

jeffrey chadwick dating the birth

Chadwick's article goes into great detail on the various clues the Bible and the Book of Mormon give for the date of Jesus' birth. The biggest clue, by far, appears to be the death of King Herod the Great.

Dating the Birth of Christ

Nearly a century has passed since his book appeared, and in that time it has become practically axiomatic among Latter-day Saints that Jesus was born on April 6 of 1 BC.

Jeffrey Chadwick has undertaken a study to figure out when Jesus was born, and he comes to the conclusion that December was the correct month.

Although universal registrations of Roman citizens are attested in 28 BC, 8 BC, and AD 14, and enrollments of individual provinces of those who are not Roman citizens are also attested, such a universal census of the Roman world under Ceasar Augustus is unknown outside the New Testament. Sulpicius Quirinius became a legate of the province of Syria in AD when Judea was annexed to the province of Syria. At that time, a provincial census of Judea was taken up.

The Gospel of Matthew states that Jesus was a decade earlier than Luke. Chadwick notes another eclipse occurred in September 15 of 5 BC, but argues that this date fell months prior to Passover and is otherwise difficult to reconcile with the known length of time Herod is recorded to have reigned, as noted by Thomas A.

Wayment—and Brown, Griggs, and Hansen before him—seem willing to at least consider the September 15 eclipse of 5 BC as the one mentioned by Josephus, but they seem more convinced by the 4 BC eclipse of March Chadwick notes many other historical pieces to the puzzle, but I want to hit the crux of why he thinks Jesus was born on December.

In the Jewish context of this account, this would mean that the month of Adar, the sixth month of the Jewish year occurred from mid-to-late February to mid-to-late March….

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Of course, nine months after March would put Jesus birth in December. Chadwick references other studies of the birth of Jesus and notes problems with the dates proposed.

jeffrey chadwick dating the birth

Here is a summary. April of 1 BC.