Dating sims japanese translated in english

Japanese dating games online in english

dating sims japanese translated in english

Conception II has some dating sim elements to it, Persona is the same though more friend sim. You could always import some Japanese. Moreover, I mentioned that dating sims are the best tool I know of for One of these friends studied abroad in Japan for half-a-year and Two are phonetic ( meaning each letter has one specific sound) with 46 letters apiece. Do not expect people to translate Japanese for you if you haven't spent effort on translating it yourself. . How do I get the Dating-Sims translated into English?.

You can't blame the webmasters for their quality. You can blame them for their legal standpoints. How do I get the Dating-Sims translated into English? Can't I enjoy ren'ai simulation games if I don't understand Japanese? Even the most popular ren'ai simulation game, Tokimeki Memorial, has sold only aboutcopies, while Final Fantasy IX has already sold about 3, In fact, many software manufacturers are hesitant to translate their ren'ai simulation game into English or other foreign languages.

Because of the poor copyright protection in some Asian countries, it is risky to produce an English- or a Chinese-translated version of the software.

dating sims japanese translated in english

Moreover, the game may not be well received in overseas, because it is, after all, about a game of love among Japanese high school students. So, are there any ren'ai sim games already in English? Technically speaking, there are some adult ren'ai games titles available for PC and in English.

But I don't know much. Visit Himeya Soft for details.

dating sims japanese translated in english

Anyway, while most Crowd games are mindless sex-fests, Will's Will publishes under a variety of brand names, ruf, Gulity, and Sweet Basil got a number of quality dating sims and such, and Snop Drop and Little My Maid, are both pretty decent renai games that are being localized there right now. If you're interested, drop by at http: If you are interested in helping make an English dating sim possible, please take a look.

Some of the initial discussions can be found here.

Playing a Dating Sim With a Translation App: A Strange Experiment

Where can I find demos? Most of them might be. This is the LHA-archive format which is very popular among the Japanese internet community. The software above is called lhaca. It doesn't need external DLLs.

Playing a Dating Sim With a Translation App: A Strange Experiment - Playstation Enthusiast

How compatible are imports on U. Playing import Playstation games? There are many chips and attachments to allow this. The chips are hard to install and possibly illegal depending on the provenance of the boot code in them, but play almost all games, depending on installation methods. Some are specifically made to only load different region, and not copied, games, but I am unsure of whether these contain boot code.

Attachments tend to choke on multi-disc games, and are rather low-quality at times I've seen ones that are only circuit boards with chips attatchedbut definitely don't use Sony's proprietary code in order to boot games. Needless to say, both of these options void any warantee the system may have.

As for the Playstation As far as I know, the only methods available are extremely difficult to install, involving modification of the drive mechanism as well as the motherboard, and in all probability do contain some boot code, which may or may not be Sony proprietary or illegally reverse-engineered.

The best method to take would probably be using an imported PS2. As for the Dreamcast How do I show the Japanese Kanji characters correctly? I want to type some Japanese. However, if you don't have the language kit installed, they will look like garbage-characters, but don't worry How do I input the Japanese characters without a Japanese operating system? Luckily, it is easy, and free if you are running Mac OS 9. The installer is on your System CD in the following folder: Just double click the "Install Language Kits" install script and follow the instructions.

As for input, after you have restarted, you will notice a menu with an American Flag icon next to your menu-bar clock. Open it and select the Japanese option.

dating sims japanese translated in english

Now, it is as simple as typing the Romaji and it will translate it into the Kana and the Kanji. By default, it tries to "best guess" the Kanji that you want, however it is often wrong how it's "best guess" system works, I have no idea. Simply select the proper characters and you are done. First person pronoun - watashi.

When you input it in, it initially shows the hiragana: How come the Japanese characters show up on some sites and not on some others? The information is somewhere in the middle. A brief answer here: Another reason could be that the sites that do not work use encoding other than what you are using. The Japanese games won't show Japanese characters correctly on my PC. What can I do about it? These borrowed characters are called Kanji. Alas, and half life work to play various japanese visual novels for war japan; the pc most of each girl is different.

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Japanese dating games online in english

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