Dating cini jewelry collectors

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dating cini jewelry collectors

The Cini Jewelry Company makes some of the most intricate and popular vintage jewelry available. I've started a collection of Cini Zodiac. Owner: Arthur Pepper -I have seen different dates for their production s- .. Cini jewelry is not always signed, however once you become familiar with his. Cini Sterling Silver Vintage Charms and Jewelry. Vintage Cini CharmsThe Cini Jewelry Company makes some of the most intricate and popular . Patek Philippe & Co Genève dial signed CINI, arabic numerals indexes, date.

Their jewelry is easy to find on the market.

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There is limited information about this company. Interesting gold -tone and gold plated designs. Average quality jewelry with enameling and rhinestones. Produced a line of enamel and rhinestone jewelry called "My Fair Lady".

Known for colorful enamel jewelry and lovely paintings.

dating cini jewelry collectors

Some of her designs were stamped with the name of the piece. When she began making jewelry out of necessity, she was her own model. She would also give them away. Soon they caught on and now they are highly collectable. Back to top Cadoro Founder s: Dan Stoenescu [previously thought to be Staneslieu. Steve Brody was an Broadway actor. His partner was of Romanian decent and their jewelry often reflected that bold style coupled with the glitz of Hollywood.

This is high end costume jewelry that has been said to look real. Some say it rivals the beauty of fine jewelry. Their enameled Christmas trees and other holiday jewelry are highly collectable as is most of this Hollywood inspired jewelry.

Big and bold jewelry utilizing exemplary materials from all over the world.

dating cini jewelry collectors

Based upon movie star jewelry and popular with the "jet set". Back to top Calvaire Founder s: Ray Calish is actually Rachel C. Operations seemed to have ceased sometime during the s. There was also the thought that the company was French with divisions in the United States.

Calish was born in San Francisco and the company was founded in New York. Stuart, the founder of the company.

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Established init is recognized as the oldest. Knowing the name of the piece will allow you to date it since the. A costume jewelry identification guide to jewelry history, jewelry designers.

Sarah Coventry made sterling flower of the month pins in the late 's: Original jewelry from Sarah Coventry. Stylish Sarah Coventry brooches, earrings and necklaces to name just a few of the pieces available from this now closed.

Both Sarah Coventry and its predecessor line, Emmons, were "home party" jewelry companies, i. Vintage Sarah Coventry jewelry is pretty and affordable jewelry which was sold at home jewelry parties during the s and 60s. It was most popular during.

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View our Sarah Coventry jewelry by 1 alphabetical order or 2 by category. Click below, then click the beginning letter of the Sarah Coventry piece you are. Buy Sarah Coventry Jewelry: An Unauthorized Guide for Collectors on Amazon. This book was purchased for dating and naming information. Knowing the name of the piece will allow you to date it since the designs. Posted in JewelryTagged dating sarah coventry jewelrysarah coventry clip.

Collecting Costume Jewelry The Basics of Dating Jewelry. Celluloid - A highly flammable thermoplastic. Run item under hot water. You should detect a camphor like smell. Think Vick's Vapor Rub!

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Cellulose Acetate - Using the hot water test your piece should smell like vinegar or emit a sour odor. A non- flammable thermoplastic. Coral - Should feel heavy and it will effervesce if you place a drop of lemon juice on the item and view with a loupe. Be sure to wash the lemon juice off!

Crepe Stone - Glass. Look at the piece. The design should have a rippled appearance. Crystal - Natural colorless quartz. Not the same as lead crystal. This should feel heavy and cold. Look at item and try to rule out lead crystal [glass with high lead content].

Diamond - Rule out plastic and glass. A quick test is to blow on the item. If it "fogs" up, it is not a diamond. Look into the stone with your loupe, looking for refraction [diamonds are not doubly refractive] and angular inclusions that look like needles.

You can purchase a diamond tester. Gemstones - Rule out plastic and glass. Most gemstones are doubly refractive and will have angular inclusions.

dating cini jewelry collectors

Glass - Should feel lighter than gemstones, but heavier than plastic. Should feel warmer to the ouch than gemstones, but cooler than plastic. Loupe the piece looking for swirl lines or bubbles. Glass has distinctive sound when tapped. Gutta-percha - Smells like burning rubber under hot water or when you rub the piece until it warms.