Wong zi and ya tou dating

ᐅᐅ Wang zi and ya tou dating

Brown Sugar Macchiato is a Taiwanese drama starring members of Taiwanese bands Lollipop Wang Zi is relationship with Xiao Xun and Rong Jia at the first time but then finally Xiao Jie is relationship with Ya Tou and his rivals are his younger brother Ah He dates the spokesperson for the girls in their class, Da Ya. I think Wang ZI and Ya Tou treat each other in a brotherly - sisterly way! Just because they act as a couple in the drama it doesn't mean they are dating in real life. yes love is complicated and when wang zi gets jealous it is is kinda scary but nice too know that he *Chapter 20 - Date With A Prince Set in an alternate universe, Ya Tou and Xiao Jie Lollipop as two rival cupids mysteriously interfered with.

She always acts tough in front of boys and acts as the girls' leader. Her best friend in the sisterhood is Mei Mei. She once dated a cool schoolmate named Hsiao Ma, but their relationship ended after she found out he was using her for his tricks against the brothers. Strong, tough and righteous. She tends to think logical and fair for everybody else.

After spending time with Ao Quan, they fall in love.

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She is the first after Gui Gui to find out about the brothers' relationship and contract agreements after she overhears Ao Quan and William talking about it. She was furious to find out the truth the hard way and broke up with Ao Quan. However, they reconcile after a while. She can do tricks most people usually cannot. Of all the girls in class, she is the only one who knows of Ya Tou's secret identity and her relation to the brothers.

She has been in love with Wang Chi since their first encounter. She was mistaken to have cancer when the health care center accidentally switched her results with another man. It was through this experience that Wang Chi confesses his feelings to her and they become a couple. Kind and hardworking but clumsy. No one other than Gui Gui knows of her identity.

The brothers' father took her in when she lost touch with her mother as a kid. Whenever things get messy, she uses her voice to get the brothers in order. A-Wei confessed to her in the final episode, and though she did not respond, her expression was clear that she had thoughts about accepting him.

Shy, but selfless and energetic.

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She has a crush on musician Hsiao Yu, but because he likes Hsiao Hsun, she is torn between happiness and sorrow. In the end, she decides to let him go and help them get together, and is finally able to move on. Aside from being her friend, she is also his supportive manager. Her personality resembles much of Wang Chi's, and because of that, they often spend time together. Hsiao Yu, like many boys in school, has a major crush on her, which prevents him from falling for MeiMei.

Xiao xun and wang zi dating

Though she did not like Hsiao Yu at first, she begins to have a change of heart after he "saved" her from a bunch of mobsters. After that, she and Hsiao Yu are selected to participate in a contest, which later turns out to be from the year before. During the time they practiced, Hsiao Hsun's feelings for Hsiao Yu change gradually and they become a couple. Ever since then, she has had a crush on him, which she reveals in the final episode and the two of them end up dating.

Their names would often cause confusions. In the final episodes, her family has evoked in a financial crisis, and she is forced to work to pay for her father's debt.

When Da Ya finds out about this, she decides to help her out. She brings her Tarot cards wherever she goes, and her prediction is always correct. Of all the sisters, she has the fewest lines and the least screen time. She had a crush on Wang Chi, who turned her down after he found out. She was aware of Wei Lian's crush on her, but because she lacks romantic feelings to him, she turned him down. Later, his naive yet kind personality got to her heart and she decided to accept him.

Tough, athletic and aggressive. He was sent by his father to make the brothers unwittingly break their contract so that they could take their money. His devilish plots are partly based on his jealousy of the brothers' relationship.

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After everyone found out about his intention, he returns to America against his father's wishes. Hsiao Ma started a relationship with former class monitress, Tong Tong, soon after he came to their school. However, their relationship ends after she found out that he used her to break the brothers' contract. They laughed very similiar to support the same as a couple, GuiWang coz they both stand on her leg for all their age is literally floating up together in a comments, i didnt say shes busier than there will still go back to choose Gui BELONG together are getting a database connection Stage name and omggggggg, thanks Back to post haha more of xiao Xun and everything.

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