Winny clarke and elise bauman dating

Elise Bauman and Natasha Negovanlis shine in “Almost Adults” - AfterEllen

winny clarke and elise bauman dating

Elise Bauman and Natasha Negovanlis shine in “Almost Adults”. By Daniela Costa Finally, you're likely to end up crushing on Winny Clarke. You can just In any case, Mackenzie's more concerned with dating right now. Replying to @baumanelise @WinnyClarke. You're out at an awards thing, while I' m at home on a Friday night watching FRIENDS. Yes, this is. Almost Adults () is a Canadian indie comedy feature. The film is a platonic love story about two life long best friends struggling to keep their friendship together as their lives head in different directions. It was written by Adrianna DiLonardo, directed by Sarah Rotella, and starred Natasha Negovanlis and Elise Bauman. Elise Bauman as Mackenzie; Justin Gerhard as Levi.

I want it so bad. We had a moment on their YouNow. I do look up to them, they are my friends, obviously. But I definitely am going to have them on in once I ask them [laughs]. Once this article comes out and they see how much you want them on the show [laughs]. Anyways, it was nice and awkward, like I am.

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Just throw them in the tub! If you could play any Disney princess, who would it be? Oh goodness, this is a hard one. It was on repeat for me. And I have this weird obsession with the sea [laughs] and the ocean. Cinderella is a close second but I would love to explore the ocean. And now would you ever want to be on a show like Once Upon a Time, and play a Princess?

winny clarke and elise bauman dating

There should be a musical episode for Once Upon a Time. Right [laughs], please pull some strings. Did you find it more difficult to talk almost solely to a camera, vs. But I much prefer working with a partner.

My favorite parts of I Do was with Kyle Hickey who plays my husband in that. I still loved it, I had a great time. And a good experience, because I had to memorize so many lines, in such a small time frame. But I did it, it was awesome!

You know, the vlog style seems to be really in these days. Or are you more of a Netflix kinda girl?

I love Netflix so much.

winny clarke and elise bauman dating

So much, it is my go-to. I want to binge it.

winny clarke and elise bauman dating

And now, do you have a long term goal? Like move out to Hollywood? Los Angeles has always been the goal, however I moved to Toronto three years ago and I absolutely love the summers in Toronto.

winny clarke and elise bauman dating

I guess, ideally it would be based in Toronto and then flying out to Los Angeles and New York and all of the wonderful places that I want to be. Now, I guess we can ask a few of these fan questions— some stranger than others.

Would you rather not know the difference between a muffin and a baby or get a paper cut every time you laugh? It would be like Edward Scissorhands.

Would you rather save a life but lose ten years of your own… or grant wishes and lose a memory with every wish? The first one, I think. Save a life, lose ten years? Yeah, I probably would pick that too.

Memories are so precious. And someone wants to know what the name of the black cat in your name. Her full name is Kamikaze but we just call her Kazi for short. And is she your pet?

Justin Gerhard – Almost Adults

At this point in my life, and a lot of people can relate, that we are coming up and figuring out who we are and who we want to be. I feel that is why a lot of personal experience pours into the work that we do. Q What was it like working with such a strong female cast? A I, literally, cannot keep from smiling when I think about the time we spent filming this beautiful project. Everybody from top to bottom, volunteer or paid, were all so invested in making this really special.

To speak specifically to the cast, Winny [Clarke] and I connected pretty much right away. Elise [Bauman] and I — it was very instantaneous. You dive into playing these friends and then you realize you are actually really close and have a lot in common.

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Even during rehearsals, we improvised a scene where she came out to me as if she was Mackenzie coming out to Levi. We left that scene feeling like it was so real! That was just a really honest moment between two friends and that speaks to Sarah and her attention to detail as a director.

So, already Mackenzie and Levi have actual substance and actual memories.

Beyond the fact that we got along as people, we also had this experience of doing improvised scenes together that helped to solidify our onscreen relationship. Q What was it like working with Sarah and Adrianna? She just owned it as if she was already directing an Oscar worthy film.

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That just speaks to her. The quickness of her response was amazing, too. And I thought it was beautiful that she was open to making those adjustments. I think there is a certain pride when you write a script that you want it to be this way and yet she was very open.

So, she was open to it being a collaboration, which is why I think it turned out the way it did. They also draw from the fact they are actually close and know each other really well. I think it is cool to see another side of them. They are just so close as friends that they could almost tackle any role together because you just believe them since their relationship is so authentic from where it stems.

How do you know each other? These girls have so many fans! What the hell are they doing? I have since informed myself on the show and the amazing audience that supports it.

Elise Bauman and Natasha Negovanlis shine in “Almost Adults”

I dreamed of being an actor for a long time. Q What do you hope people take away from watching the film?

winny clarke and elise bauman dating

Almost Adults is going to be that movie. I know that I am projecting and dreaming here, but it is going to be a classic film that people will want to watch. You want to watch Family Stone every Christmas because it is just that kind of movie and I get that same feeling when you watch the trailer for Almost Adults. So, I hope that is a part of what people take away from it. I totally know what it is like to be Levi.

It has that Juno feel to it because it is an independent that seems comical, but there is so much depth to the story. This is a part of life. This is a part of what we all deal with.