What episode of gossip girl does serena and nate start dating

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what episode of gossip girl does serena and nate start dating

"Much 'I Do' About Nothing", Next → "Never Been Marcused". Gossip Girl (season 2) · List of Gossip Girl episodes. "Summer, Kind of Wonderful" is the 19th episode of the CW television series, Gossip Girl, The episode reveals Blair, Serena, Nate and Chuck spending their summer in the Hamptons and opens with Nate. when-does-serena-and-nate-start-dating-in-gossip: when does serena and nate start dating in gossip girl. At one point, our main man Nate had both Blair and Serena fighting over him, but in the end, he ended up flying solo. just never the right guy for any of the girls you dated on Gossip Girl. There was nothing Nate could do about Blair and Chuck being 1When Serena And Nate Kissed At The White Party.

During the party, she kisses Nate, who is stunned; then tells her that he's with Serena and has no interest. Later that night, he and Serena spend the night together.

Soon after, Chuck offers to throw a wedding for Dorota Kishlovsky and Vanya.

what episode of gossip girl does serena and nate start dating

Meanwhile, Serena secretly meets with Carter; which Nate discovers only after he finds a key to Carter's hotel room in her purse. He confronts her about it, but she brushes it off, promising it means nothing. Right before the wedding, Carter tells Serena that he knows where her father is and they can go that night if he leaves with her then. Serena chooses to leave with Carter but kicks him out of the car when she learns he lied about when he knew her father's location.

On the way to the airport, she tries to call Nate but is only able to get Jenny on the line. She asks her to pass along a message to Nate but she doesn't, as she wants Nate for herself The Unblairable Lightness of Being.

When Serena returns in Dr. Estrangelovedshe finds Nate is not at all happy at being abandoned. After they spend a day arguing, Nate goes with Jenny and Chuck to an art party in Brooklyn.

After they argue briefly on the phone, Nate goes back to The Empire with Jenny, who tells him that he deserves better than Serena. She tries to kiss him, but Nate pushes her away. Unbeknownst to them, Serena entered the room and witnessed the whole thing. She explains to Nate that she tried to call him and that Jenny clearly didn't pass on the message. Nate then kicks Jenny out of the suite to talk to Serena, who tells him that Lily has cancer and her father, William van der Woodsenis back in town.

This reunites the two, who begin to be happy with each other again. Nate encourages Serena to spend time with her mom and suggests she move back home to support Lily. Serena originally decides not to, but changes her mind when she butts heads with Jenny.

As a result, Serena begins to ice Rufus out from the family and the secret eventually comes out to everyone. They work together to expose William and Holland's plan, which they're able to figure out. Nate calls a high ranking police investigator to arrest William for prescribing Lily medication she didn't need for cancer she no longer had. When Serena finds out that Nate called to have her father arrested, she distances herself from him and begins to lean on Dan Ex-Husbands and Wives.

She takes a photo and sends it to Gossip Girl, who posts it. Serena heads to The Empire to explain to Nate that nothing happened, then blames him for calling the cops on William.

what episode of gossip girl does serena and nate start dating

Later that day, Dorota goes into labor and everyone gathers at the hospital. While there, Serena and Dan discuss their one kiss that they shared the night before and Nate overhears.

Afterwards, he sends a copy of the GG blast to Vanessa, who is away in Haiti for an internship. That night, Serena breaks up with Nate; saying she needs to be alone for awhile to figure things out.

Edit When the season begins in Belles de JourSerena is still trying to choose whether she wants to be with Nate or Dan. Meanwhile, Nate has begun a friendship with Juliet Sharpa Columbia student who has a mysterious vendetta against Serena.

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When Serena returns to New York, she learns that neither Nate or Dan is single, so the choice between the two was made for her Double Identity. When school starts, Serena tries to be friendly towards Nate but he's cold toward her; saying that he didn't realize until now how mad he is at her for dumping him and fleeing town. They begin hanging out again, and Serena asks Nate to act as a buffer for her at Blair's birthday party so she won't flirt with her professor crush, Colin Forrester War at the Roses.

what episode of gossip girl does serena and nate start dating

However, Serena breaks it off with Colin soon after. Afterwards, she calls Dan to say she wants to talk to him about things and offers to wait for him for as long as he wants. However, Nate appears right after and confesses that he still has feelings for her and wants to get back together. Dan then arrives at the scene and Serena disappears upstairs to avoid choosing between the two Juliet Doesn't Live Here Anymore.

Meanwhile, Juliet teams with Vanessa and Juliet to ruin Serena's life. Jenny is able to swipe Serena's cell phone SIM card and is able to send messages as her.

Meanwhile, Nate and Dan agree to each invite Serena on a date and whoever she says yes to is who she wants to be with. When Jenny sees the texts, she agrees to go on both dates, knowing Serena wouldn't show for either.

Later that night, both guys confront the real Serena on playing games with them and each inform her they're done playing her games. After the party, Juliet drugs Serena into an overdose and leaves her alone in a motel room.

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In GaslitSerena is hospitalized for the overdose. Blair and Chuck struggle with admitting their feelings for one another.

Chuck and Blair are in an official relationship, but wonder whether it will work out without games. Serena defers Brown and tries to find ways to make herself useful in Manhattan.

Gossip girl season 3 episode 13: The Hurt Locket [Serena,Nate kissing !!!]

Chuck purchases The Empire Hotel. Blair and Serena try to figure out their friendship as they grow and mature. Nate and Serena and Dan and Vanessa begin dating but find that dating your best friend isn't without its complications. Meanwhile, Eleanor and Cyrus move to Paris full time. Serena's father William arrives back in town and reveals a secret about Lily. Blair and Chuck separate, after he commits two unforgivable acts. Blair and Serena begin at Columbia but face challenges at their new school.

Summer, Kind of Wonderful

After keeping it secret for so long, Lily serves a house arrest sentence for forging Serena's signature on a legal document. Blair is pregnant with Louis' baby but ultimately loses it. The two get married, then divorced. Dan and Blair begin a romantic relationship.

Charlie's real identity is revealed to everyone, as is who put her up to it and why. Gossip Girl's identity is revealed: Blair and Serena seek to deal with the biggest roadblock in their friendship ever.