Vrushika mehta and shantanu maheshwari dating advice

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vrushika mehta and shantanu maheshwari dating advice

Shantanu Maheshwari and Vrushika Mehta who are still loved for their popular on-screen pairing as Swayam and Sharon in Dil Dostii Dance. Vrushika Mehta and Shantanu Maheshwari as SwaRon Shantanu as lover boy Swayam and Vrushika as diva Sharon had made such an. However, she gave me the best advice anyone could ever give me. Shantanu Maheshwari, Actor and Dancer Vrushika Mehta, Actress.

vrushika mehta and shantanu maheshwari dating advice

Did Shantanu tell you which pandals to visit? However, it was such a beautiful experience. While the plane landed, I could see the whole city lit up. All the pandals were looking like palaces. My fans on Instagram and Twitter were telling me to try the phuchka in Calcutta.

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Next time, I want to take two days off and enjoy. You have a lot of crazy fans in Calcutta. How was it meeting them? It was a beautiful experience to meet the people who have interacted with me on social media smiles. Some of the admins of my fan clubs had come over. Everyone was so energetic and they were in complete masti mood at the dandiya event. It was raining, yet so many people came! I am a Hrithik Roshan fan, but I never do such things! In Calcutta, the craziness is on a different level.

They follow everything I do. I get very little time to spend with them so I wanted to live it up. I have learnt a lot from him. Be it an emotional or a romantic scene, whatever you give him, he will do his best. People say when we come together, we set the screen on fire!

We are friends and we support each other a lot. All I can say is we are not a couple. If we were a couple, we could have done the show together. Ek ladka aur ek ladki dost bhi ho sakte hain! His one-liners are very funny. He is very protective of his hair! Everybody wants to know the name of his shampoo but he never discloses it! Smiles How did your breakthrough show Dil Dostii Dance happen?

They have no clue what happens in the entertainment industry. I shifted to Delhi and my parents are also based there now. There is this one friend of mine in Kerala, with whom I grew up. I had started earning early in life, doing shows here and there, making money. I helped him get through college because he deserved it. He paid me back in the sweetest way possible.

A friend in need

I was on tour on international shores. During that very period my mom who I am very close to, took ill.

vrushika mehta and shantanu maheshwari dating advice

This friend of mine travelled all the way from Kerala to Delhi and made sure that my mom was taken care of. He stepped in like a second son in my absence. From the very beginning of my career, there have been many ups and downs and I have been fortunate enough to have been supported by every friend who is close to me, throughout.

There are so many people who have just been there for me through all the highs and all the lows, and I know that I too will be there for them unconditionally.

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They are the ones who are friends indeed. So, this friend of mine had let me stay with her for as long as I needed to, without ever asking me when I would find a place of my own. She was a tremendous support system for me at that time and even after I moved out, we remained as thick as we were when we were staying together. Our friendship of 11 years has survived everything that life in a super hectic city like Mumbai encompasses.

Whenever I call her, I never see the time because I know that she will be there to answer no matter how late in the night or how early in the morning it is.