Truck driver and dating

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truck driver and dating

Discover Trucker Friends Date, the Totally Free Trucker Dating Site for single Truckers & those looking to meet local Truckers. % Free. The trucking profession can be hard especially when it comes to dating due to shift work and long hours. With Date Truckers, you'll meet singles on your time!. Are you considering being in a relationship with a man who drives a truck over the road for a living? Are you already dating or married to a truck driver?.

Is your communication with your partner lifting you up, or bringing you down? Without a good communication, no relationship will ever stand. So, when he calls you during the down time, make sure that you have a quality communication. That can definitely ruin your good communication. So, loose every kind of expectation and enjoy the flow of your relationship.

truck driver and dating

Know that sometimes all that you will talk about with your significant other is about the weather conditions, delivery experiences and so on. That is so because truckers are leading lonely life. Hitting the road for a long timecan bring you exciting moments, that is out of doubt, but at the and of the day truck drivers are alone in the truck cabin.

That schedule shall indicate the time when you can call each-other and remain emotionally connected.

truck driver and dating

Plan For Dates With Each Other When I think about trucker dating and relationships, I think about non-gushy ways and ideas of relationship strengthening. What is typical for truck drivers is that they are goal-oriented, and adrenaline driven.

Relationships on the Road: Dating a Truck Driver

Always try to give new date ideas, although you both enjoy the ones that you are used to so far. There are always new date ideas that might capture your attention, and more importantly your heart. One of the simplest and yet most significant date ideas that I can think of right now are: Watching the sunset; Going for a jog together; Soaking up the sun; The cliche date: With a lack of trust your relationship will never be long-lasting and healthy.

Relationships are hard for anyone, but especially a trucker. If you are thinking about dating a trucker, there are some factors you want to consider. Long distances make for long distance Truck drivers spend a lot of time on the road, making your relationship long distance most of the time. Find a trucking job closer to home — Browse here!

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Long-haul truckers are on the road for days or even weeks at a time. Even if they are coming home weekly or monthly, with all the time away, it can feel like you are in a long distance relationship. There may be times that you will not be able to talk to your trucker because their sleep schedule may be different than yours, or maybe they are in an area of the country with no cell phone reception. Irregular schedules Another thing that makes being in a relationship with a trucker is that you cannot necessarily schedule events with them.

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Most truckers are on irregular schedules; coming and going at different times of the day, week, and month. Being a trucker and having a family is tough. For truckers with families, it can be even more difficult.

You Date A Trucker?? Why??

Even if they want to be there, truckers may miss some important happenings like graduations, or recitals. If you want to have a family with a trucker, you will have to be creative with how you will both share the special moments they may miss.

Magnified Trust Issues Trust is an issue for many couples that get to see each other every day. Sometimes, people who date long-haul drivers fear that their trucker will also date other people in various towns on their routes. In a relationship with a trucker, you have to trust that even when they are tired and lonely on the road, they will not give into the temptation of lot lizards. And what about the people at home while their trucker is on the road?

truck driver and dating

They could also be having a relationship on the side. Truckers and their significant others need to fully trust each other if they want to make their relationship work. Reality of the trucking lifestyle Truckers lead a stressful and generally unhealthy lifestyle. They are responsible for safely transporting thousands of pounds of goods, which is demanding enough. But truckers also have constantly changing sleep schedules that depend on their pick up and delivery times.

That feeling of clean is something that non-truckers may take for granted. Truckers also have trouble finding healthy eating and exercise options. A whopping 70 percent of truckers are obese, and drivers are twice as likely to be diagnosed with diabetes. Truck driving is one of the unhealthiest professions affecting sleep, weight, mood, and overall health.