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Taiki-Akari, Kiriha-Nene and some Akari-Zenjirou. Specifically, the day Zenjirou told him he'd asked Akari out and they'd begun dating. Kiriha stood with them, pretending to listen, yet secretly stealing glances at Taiki. The following is a list of episodes for the third arc of Toei Animation's Digimon Fusion series, The story follows Taiki Kudō and his united friends attempting to protect both worlds from Quartzmon. .. He lures Taiki and Akari to a deluxe hotel where he traps them in the DigiQuartz. Tagiru .. The Secret of the Digimon Hunt "). Kiriha and Nene were secretly dating in the Digital World. Well, Taiki already knew about that and he didn't mind since he is in love with Akari.

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Getting over this quickly enough, he rushed up to Taiki with Dorulumon, Cutemon and Ballistamon at his heels. Akari and Zenjirou are getting married! Shoutmon's mouth dropped open in shock, and he was about to go on one of his tirades when Ballistamon clamped a hand over his mouth. At this, the human smiled minutely. I-I can't just ruin this for them!

It was so typical of their General to put others before himself. He opened his mouth to speak, but Shoutmon cut in. She probably only dated Zenjirou because she thought you didn't return her feelings!

Even if that were true, Zenjirou was his friend, and it would break his heart if the gogglehead crashed the wedding. It just wasn't like him to cause someone pain. I'm sure he'll understand, even if it's hard or takes a while," Dorulumon counseled calmly. Shoutmon raised his staff in determination, roaring encouragingly, "You have our full support, Taiki!

Taiki looked at each of his friends in turn and closed his eyes tightly, clenching his fists. Before, he would have died before betraying one of his friends…but if he had the support of the Digimon and maybe Nene and Kiriha, perhaps he could do this without permanently damaging his relationship with Zenjirou.

Finally opening his eyes and relaxing his hands, he nodded at last. Once the big day arrived, Nene was the obvious choice to help Akari get ready.

Over the course of the morning, the brunette attempted to talk to the redhead about Taiki multiple times, but it always ended with the same roadblock: Taiki didn't love her the way she loved him and never had, so she was simply getting on with her life. It made Nene wonder what she would have done if Kiriha had waited so long to tell her how he felt… Such pondering came to a staggering halt when Akari stepped up to the full-length mirror. The bride-to-be turned away and pretended to adjust her hair and dress in the mirror in order to hide herself.

She couldn't let Nene see even the smallest bit of truth. After accepting Zenjirou's proposal, she'd spent many nights crying herself to sleep because she couldn't stop thinking about Taiki. As much as she denied it, as many times as she'd tried to convince herself it was a long-done childhood crush, she still loved the boy and even more so the wonderful man he'd become. Dropping her hands, she mentally scolded herself. She was marrying Zenjirou, so these thoughts of Taiki would have to stop!

Finally satisfied with both facets of herself, she walked with Nene into the waiting arms of her Father. Standing to the side of the altar, Taiki couldn't help but fidget. He hadn't told anyone, not even Kiriha, what he was planning to do. This wasn't going to be easy, he knew that, but he also knew he had to do it. He was just glad all of his Digimon friends would be there to provide back-up. Still…h-he didn't even know what he was going to say… Glancing to his right, the twenty-four-year-old caught a glimpse of Zenjirou.

Instantly, he felt the guilt settle in the pit of his stomach before he forced himself to look away. C-could he really do this?

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The small murmurs that were heard throughout the crowded church before hushed now, and he turned to see his two women in the doorway. Nene sneaked off to join the other bridesmaids, and Akari walked arm-in-arm with her Father down the aisle. She looked so stunning in her wedding dress that she almost took his breath away and his eyes never left her on her journey.

When she reached the altar and Zenjirou took her hand, he was able to tear his gaze away at least. The priest's speech echoed in Taiki's head. He was listening closely to know when it was his turn to speak.

Taiki felt his heart thud rapidly in his chest, and his voice stuck in his throat. He could hear the Digimon whispering to him and shut his eyes in order to gather his courage, forcing himself to take a step forward. Zenjirou was about to ask what was going on, but the gogglehead didn't give him a chance. Zenjirou is the one who truly deserves you for being able to confess when I couldn't, for giving you so much love, but Akari, please don't turn your back on me now!

I love you, Akari! Why was he telling her this now? It was too late for them! She was getting married, for Xros' sake! More tears rolled down her cheeks in the midst of her inner turmoil. He was angry and hurt, but at the same time he didn't blame Taiki. This hadn't been easy for him, not by far, but it took incredible courage for the former Xros Heart leader to speak up like this, and the younger man wouldn't let that go to waste.

Whether he'd admit it outright or not, he couldn't handle all of these emotions at once and ran out the church door before anything could be said or done. Akari was frozen in shock. Unintentionally or not, they'd just really hurt Zenjirou…! Still, his words rang clearly in her mind, and instantaneously she swiveled on her heels and ran as quickly as her feet would take her into her gogglehead's loving arms.

He didn't argue; he honestly had been an idiot for waiting until now No more time to think on that. Meanwhile Taiki and OmegaShoutmon climbed the building who had his nest. Sabidramon saw her "precious treasure" was had been took by someone else, he angered and flew back to his nest. OmegaShoutmon protect them with his gold body from his furious attacks, he keep strikes him with his sharp claws and burned him with his black flames from his wings.

They flew from the bulding and landing slowly. Before they arrived at ground, Sabirdramon manage to escape from OmegaShoutmon's grab. Sabirdramon tried to escpae but then Astamon, Yasyamon and OmegaShoutmon blocked his path.

You scare me to death you know! Worried you so much…" said Taiki as he kissed her hair. They keep embrace each other until Ren and Ryouma come to interrupt them. They excuse to returned to park. She strong and full of strategy, I think she hiding her true skill from us, you know she like had "please don't hurt me" face…. Still make me worried…. I'm sorry, I don't have rights to tell you what to do…. I can't bring life people back… and I don't want it happen to you, Akari…" he said. Don't understatement me, Taiki!

I may a girl, but our adventures prove that I'm not weak and pathetic girl, your worries make me…. I'll do anything for make you forgive me, please….

Do what normaly guys do to girls… I'm not your sister who need over protective brother like you…" she said. How about going out with me…? I don't understand idiots! I can leave him anytime I could but…. Now what I suppose to do!

We go to festival anyway so we must have good luck! Now where my Yukatas? My little girl grown up! Just help me find it…" "Yeah yeah, here…" she took the yukata. Akari likes the color and she decided to wear it for tomorrow…. She's fine, I think she already stand by on her home, I need to pick her up, see ya in festival! I forgot to pick her up! Actually I want to tell him something…" he shrugged. Am I ready yet? Its make me ugly…" "Fine, just wear this lip-gloss and powder…. And get our revenge…' said the other digimon who look like ball machine digimon who holding sword.

Now gather all army and we will attack them…soon…" the Ogre Digimon laughed evilly.

He couldn't wait to make mess with humans. Both of them were silent…. Tagiru chuckled and let her walk with herself. When they arrived, the place was crowded. The concert still 3 hours more so we need to visit stall and shop around here, they must be have great stuff! Something on her mind said to stay with him, they visited game stall and accessories shop, Tagiru found a cute pink teddy necklace. Miho smiled to both of them. See you in Fireworks!

I guess his Idiotic virus got me…' she thought. Tagiru saw them catching the goldfish. This my th win at you! Sorry for ignore you…' he smiled. But I can't believe you lost at her…" he laughed. Many people happy celebrate this event…. Beside the present its so cute, specially the red dragon! You back to here!

I will beat you in this game! They both threw balls furiously to the target, finally Taiki obviously winning it and took the red dragon doll. I thought you celebrate new year with your family…" said Akari. He accidentally bumped to someone. How are you, pal? Its nice to meet you again! You must be lucky! Both of them blushed, Hideaki realize he making them awkward. Why you leave me alone! You had nice girlfriend! We used like enemy but One day he saved my life so I decided to repay his 'kindness' with accept his invitation…" she rolled her eyes.

Finally the battle was over. They leaved them in the middle of the crowded. It show that there is digimon who powerful, unfortunately he's hiding…" "He could be in Digi-Quartz now…" she spoke. Then we help you! I wouldn't mind i-if W-we…. As couple…" he said sheepishly. Taiki was annoyed because his precious moment was ruined by them, hopefully they wasn't joking around. Its not ordinary digimon…" "And we afraid we can't beat them…. What are you doing in here!

I can't believe your dream come true! That… cool…" said Yuu as he saw Hideaki approached. Its unique to see you guys in here…. Yuu got message from Tagiru and read it. This is urgent and also fun! Ryouma's team said they discovered some evil plan of digimons, guess what? They are not from Digi-Quartz! Anyway Taiki-san also joined him so let's help him! I would love to join this! Don't worry, I have good plan, you go first… I will catch up! They must be hiding on their hideout…" spoke Akari when they arrived.

Then Ryouma and the others come to Digi-Quartz and gathered with them. The rest sneaked and stop their plan! Then many Mekanorimons went out and fight back. Let me handle this! Antylamon, the Virus Type…. Its still spinning uncontrollably. Astamon flew and shoot his head and he eventually stop and grab his head because it was hurt, then Astamon kick him with his "Maverick" attack.

It seems that enemy not weak…" said Akari. Beside Ryouma is strong, he can't lose like that" explained Taiki. When they entered a door, it was dark and they couldn't see anything, then a starts coming in anywhere. We beat them all, let's go inside! Arresterdramon stood up and fight back to him, but his body didn't hurt at all. I'm late, where everyone? She nodded and ran to him. Andromon saw her and shot "Gatling missiles" to her, Cho-Hakkaimon rolled over and succeed flee, but the missiles was heading to Airu, Tagiru reflect jumped and pushed her away, he end up in the top of her.

Cho-Hakkaimon grabbed Andromon's both arms from back. Khe khe khe…" said a evil voice. Ren analyzed the digimon. He back to Yasyamon and Dobermon returned to Hideaki. You can't attack me! It still wont affect me! He dodge it with his gold arms and claws. Too strong…' "I know, that why I run to you…" he said. Taiki and Shoutmon found secret passage and went deep inside, they found a sacral and royal place with red blood color in anywhere, "This so creepy…' said Shoutmon.

So this pathetic human who want to hunt me down…' said a look around someone grabbed his pants and took his X-loader, then the light turn on and he saw the Ogre White Digimon. Then he moved his sword to her. Then Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Starmon and Pickmonz went out. Its only affected to him little chance making him more mad. Your new evolution is doesn't matter!

Shoutmon X6 flew to drop Taiki, Kiriha and Akari to safer place then he back to him and release his final attack. They returned to the festival safely, except they bit messed up and dirty.

Where you have been? I miss the battle, damn! Guys, why you didn't tell me before! At least you find her…" said Taiki. I found her and hoping she give me autograph, but guess what! All of them was silent. J-Just tell me if I was boring person or ugly. Yuu hold her hand took her away from the crowded, Ren and Tagiru teased him. You just playing with me…" she stopped sobbed and look away. I like you too… it just… I'm scared… to be heartbroken…. Airu slapped his back and said. Look's who Tagiru's boss now!

Why my heart beating fast now….