Sung joon and jung yu mi dating

'DIscovery of Romance' Jung Yoo Mi Spends A Night With Ex-Boyfriend : Drama Stories : KDramaStars

sung joon and jung yu mi dating

Discovery of Love is a South Korean television series starring Jung Yu-mi, Eric Mun, and Sung Joon. For the past year, she's been dating Nam Ha-jin ( Sung Joon), a plastic surgeon with a sweet and gentle personality. But Yeo- reum's. On "Discovery of Love," Jung Yu Mi's character has her pick between by Sung Joon and an attractive ex-boyfriend played by Shinhwa's Eric. The team of much-awaited KBS drama series “Finding True Love” has cast actor Sung Joon as the boyfriend of Jung Yu-mi, according to local.

Ryu revealed that instead of being timid, she approached Ko Kyung Pyo first and spoke informally to him, sparking their friendship. They say when two people are in love, they start looking like each other. But these friends are so close they've even been mistaken to be twins in real life! An apology to all you "Reply " fans, but these two are most likely to remain friends.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine inKyo revealed that he had told Ryu, "If we date because we grow feelings for each other and break up, we won't be bale to see each other for a longtime, so let's just remain friends for a long time.

The two became friends after appearing together as a newlywed couple in the drama "Pots of Gold. The singer shared that he feared his song might be shadowed by Baek and Seo's cameos because the two looked so good together.

Baek Jin Hee and Seo Joon have not been shy to display their friendship in public. They're been wrapped in dating rumors several times because of the number of intimate selfies they've taken and posted on social media. They've even posted photos wearing the same striped t-shirt and puff jacket, as well as a ring of similar design that could totally pass as a couple ring. But the actors actually first met on the set of a makeup commercial.

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Speaking on the program "Taxi," Park Shin Hye revealed that Jang Geun Suk's mother had even expressed her desire to have her as a daughter-in-law. While Park is younger in age, Jang Geun Suk has said that she feels more like an older sister. This probably attests to her great personality! Kim Jong Min and ShinJi Shinji and Kim Jong Min have displayed their perfect harmony for more than a decade, literally as members of the hit K-pop group "Koyote" and also as good friends.

Kim Jong Min was there for Shinji during times of hardship.

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Shinji revealed that she had suffered from stage phobia and locked herself in her house for three years. Shinji said during that time, Kim Jong Min was the only person who checked up on her regularly. Kim Jong Mi felt Shinji was struggling because of the pressures she had endured protecting Koyote as a group throughout the years.

Appearing together on an episode of "1 Night 2 Days," Kim Jong Min said despite her tough, ssen-unnie image, Shinji is actually soft-hearted. He immediately sparked laughter when he joked that the reason he does not introduce men to Shinji is because, "he doesn't want to feel sorry for them afterwards.

On the surface it seems like a typical "love triangle" plot but the writer does a good job in portraying subtle nuances and unspoken emotions that run deep between the lovers. Tae-Ha replies, "Every other couple is like this. It's been five years already.

How can love always be passionate? She replies "This is too hard, I can't do this anymore.

Discovery of Love

I'm the only one hurt, the only one waiting, the only one looking your way. I'm lonely even when we are together. Why do you make me feel so pathetic? We began our relationship here, so let's end it here. Let's break up the right way.

I want you to be happy. I'm glad I finally mean what I'm saying right now. You and my relationship. But he has a hard time speaking up and confronting her.

Because I'm afraid of losing you if I don't. So I always have to lose.

sung joon and jung yu mi dating

Because if I don't lose, we will end up breaking up. Do you know how much I hate this feeling?

sung joon and jung yu mi dating