Sex dating and relationships hiestand

Sex, Dating, and Relationships: A Book Review — Courtney Reissig

sex dating and relationships hiestand

Sex, Dating, and Relationships: A Fresh Approach and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Sex, Dating, and Relationships: A Fresh Approach Paperback – February 29, Pastors Gerald Hiestand and Jay Thomas give us a paradigm-shifting view of purity and. Compre o livro Sex, Dating, and Relationships: A Fresh Approach na “Hiestand and Thomas don't kiss dating goodbye; what fun would that be? Instead. Sex, Dating, and Relationships adds a new, almost provocative voice to the Pastors Gerald Hiestand and Jay Thomas counteract this problem with their.

sex dating and relationships hiestand

Few have dared to define and apply the Bible's understanding of purity in premarital relationships to this degree, but Heistand and Thomas have done it. Furthermore, both authors are vocational pastors who communicate regularly with the target audience and have a proven ability to express biblical truth in a winsome and compelling manner.

sex dating and relationships hiestand

Customer Reviews For "Sex, Dating, and Relationships" Eye-opening read By Adam, Sep 15 This book challenges the cultural norms of society when it comes to dating and relationships to give a fresh approach on the matter, using the Bible as their basis.

Hiestand and Thomas introduce the foundations of the relationships that the Bible teaches and utilises this to teach the audience how we can all maintain purity in pre-marital relationships. They reveal what these Biblical relationships entail, highlighting the flaws of the current dating relationship of our society today.

sex dating and relationships hiestand

Finally, they give their recommendation of the correct way to finding a spouse in our society today. I would recommend this book to any christian who is currently looking for a spouse, is in a current dating relationship, or has been in a dating relationship in the past, and is helpful for all Christians in their walk of life and striving for purity.

Sex, Dating, And Relationships: A Fresh Approach

Did you find this review helpful? Yes or No Excellent then flawed By Jeff, May 23 One of the great problems with understanding dating from a Christian point of view is the absence of any reference to such a thing in the New Testament. This book presents a convincing argument as to why Christians ought to push back against such a category of relationships dating and instead build relationships of absolute purity until marriage.

Unfortunately, the clear and reasonable argument of the book is lost when Hiestand and Thomas come to present their alternative vision of how Christians might find a spouse. Their proposal of 'dating friendships' doesn't seem to account for how either emotions or culture functions in deciding on a marriage partner so doesn't offer the protection or security they imagine it does.

I appreciated their passion for holiness in the process of building a relationship towards marriage but I think we're still looking for the book that explains how Christians might do that well. Yes or No Conservatively mind blowing By Josh, Oct 23 This book easily goes against modern conventional thinking of sex, dating and relationships.

Sex, Dating, And Relationships: A Fresh Approach by Gerald Hiestand

From there they talk about why the "how far? Perhaps the most helpful thing they do is define biblically what those relationships are to be. Only one of those relationships is permitted and even commanded to engage in sexual activity--the marriage relationship. The question "how far is too far? They provide some really helpful comments on the actual lack of commitment that comes with dating relationships, calling it a "mirage".

While marriage is a covenant that should guarantee commitment, dating is not, and the other party is allowed to leave at any time with no real consequences, essentially exposing the real dangers inherent in a dating relationship.

I found these distinctions extremely helpful in thinking through how I teach these things to my students. They propose a new category of relationships for singles called "dating friendships".

Sex, Dating, and Relationships

These relationships are designed to be intentional in the same way others have talked about biblical dating, but the only difference is that the relationships also includes a level of romantic purity designed to protect both parties from becoming too emotionally attached too soon.

They take their cues from the relationship between Christ and the Church.

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He only has one Bride, one relationship, and one love, and that is his Church. Focusing on getting to know one another serves one purpose: If so, the man proposes and the couple gets married.

Our modern dating culture assumes that romance and dating and sometimes sexual activity is necessary for finding a spouse. But the authors present a very clear, albeit counter-cultural, approach that could save a lot of young people from unnecessary heartache.

Sex, Dating, and Relationships: A Fresh Approach - Livros na Amazon Brasil-

And I would imagine it would expedite a lot of weddings, too. My only critique of the book was regarding their brief discussion regarding masturbation and other areas of the purity debate.

sex dating and relationships hiestand

They provide a helpful framework for thinking through such things, especially linking our actions to our motives and our heart. But at one point, in an attempt to encourage those who have stumbled into sexual sin, they say that we should not wallow in guilt over our failure in the area of lust and masturbation