Sasuke and sakura dating

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sasuke and sakura dating

It was revealed in Boruto that Sakura and Sasuke's first date only lasted roughly 3 minutes, with Sarada never meeting her father only showing. Probably because romantic love in Sasuke and Sakura's marriage is completely one-sided – and Sakura totally knows. She's the one that, for some reasons. Let's follow Sasuke and Sakura on their first date, shall we? This story continues to follow them through their dates and the development of their.

Her husband often makes decisions that will harshly effect her without telling her.

For example, he keeps taking very long missions away from home without her input. Also, he leaves her alone with their daughter, Sarada, but expects her to be happy with being a sole caretaker. He refuses to let her come anywhere with him for a very long time.

sasuke and sakura dating

Even if these decisions are meant to protect her, Sasuke stifles his wife's individuality by making them. This behavior hardly makes sense in a marriage. First, she questions if Sasuke is her father because of his absence. Later, she questions if Sakura is her mother because of the lack of affection between her and her father. Eventually, she's convinced of her parentage, but it's still a startling issue.

Even in unique couplings, children don't often question their parents so whole-heartedly.

sasuke and sakura dating

It becomes a serious point of contention for Sarada. They try so little in their relationship that their own daughter is unsure about it. The most important rivals were Ino and Karin. Despite their devotion, Sasuke gave all three women the same treatment: He's known to insult them, ignore them, and rebuff their advances.

This becomes more extreme, though, when noted that Sasuke has violently attacked both Karin and Sakura. Yet both women still loved him. Their level of devotion is absurd, particularly when it isn't just one women so attached to him. It's insane that they still adore him despite such terrible treatment. Unfortunately for her, he's away far more often than he's not. This becomes even more heartbreaking when she reveals that she hangs up pictures of him not just because of her love.

It's so she doesn't forget what he looks like. While depressing, it becomes a new level of sadness when realizing that she spent years obsessing about his looks.

His appearance was a huge part of why she first became interested in him. For her not to remember that only clues fans in on how ridiculously long Sasuke stays away from home.

This comes to the extreme that when running into his year-old daughter, he doesn't recognize her. Sakura tries to spend time sharing information about her father without revealing the grueling, traumatic parts of his past to the young Sarada.

Sasuke simply says nothing to her about it. Also, the few times Sasuke does train Sarada, Sakura has no clue and just gets surprised by her daughter's new abilities in action. While 12 years apart takes a toll, Sakura and Sasuke should be nowhere near this disjointed as parents.

sasuke and sakura dating

They could at least trade pictures and give each other updates. After all, it was something dear to him from before he lost his family. However, his use of the gesture with his own family is overstated. The head-poke has become his only go-to sign of affection. While well-meant and meaningful, it hardly makes up for his negligence and resistance towards being a present husband and parent. It's framed as such a monumental, sweet thing for him to do, but it is just a small way to say he cares.

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A cute head-poke doesn't replace the years he chose to not be with his family. Once, when he first tries to leave and join Orochimaru. The second is during the Fourth Shinobi War, to encourage him to stay. Her confessions are always said in desperation, trying to protect him or get him to stay.

Sakura pours out her heart to him. Sasuke, however, often reacts to them coolly or with malice. The first one he reacted by calling her annoying. The second time, he calls her annoying again and then literally crushes her heart with his hand.

Later, the show tries to tell fans that Sasuke does love her, but after these terrible displays, it's hard to believe. This behavior makes sense with his personality, but hardly hers.

Nontraditional methods of affections make sense for them, but there is a level of nontraditional that nears on platonic. To be believable, the couple needs a few more ways of sharing their love and feelings, even if they are unique. Otherwise, they seem instead like friends with marriage and a kid.

Sasuke remains with Orochimaru, but Sakura and Naruto reunite after two years apart. The two rekindle their friendship and recreate Team 7 with Sai. Without Sasuke, Sakura spends most of her time with Naruto. She uses him to fill the void in her life, to the point she goes on dates with him. She knows his feelings for her, and knows she doesn't reciprocate them, but does it anyway. He knew what she meant though. She didn't need to say anything.

They ate their meal quite silently. He wanted to become at least a jounin. Actually he was aiming for ANBU. She was teaching some new medics to work in the hospital, so she could try for ANBU. She wanted to assist them being a medic. The Hokage was being very helpful and supporting. Yet, Sasuke had the feeling as though she had developed some strong dislikes towards him.

It couldn't be helped, after all, he had been away for quite a while. Sakura grinned at him. I asked shishou if she could give it to you.

Naruto is on the mission as well.

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Do you like it? She smiled happily at him. She really made him feel good. Sasuke raised his eyebrows. He changes subjects as soon as I start asking him about it.

They stood up and Sasuke paid for their dinner. Slowly they walked through the streets. Sakura pointed at some shops while they passed by. It was summer and therefore still hot outside, even though it was getting a little dark. They bought an ice-cream and sat down somewhere. Various people were strolling by, enjoying the warm night.

They talked a lot and as it got really late, they decided to go home. For the first time, Sasuke walked Sakura home. As they arrived at her house, they had to say goodbye. Again, Sasuke thought of how beautiful she looked while she blushed. Normally she was so talkative. It was funny to see her having trouble thinking of the right words.

Sakura glanced at him. Neither of them showed any sign of leaving. Then she stood on the tips of her toes and quickly kissed him on the mouth. She awaited his reaction anxiously. He looked a little bit surprised. She turned around and took only one step before her arm was captured by Sasuke.

He spun her back around and pressed his own lips against hers.