Runo and dan dating service

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runo and dan dating service

Dan y Runo Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Couple Cartoon, Anime Couples, Fnaf, Cute Comics, Prison, Pdf, Canada, Whisper, Dating, Hush Hush, Quotes, Cute. Dan and runo had being dating for 3 weeks, they are like sooo, perfect together , because the had just that chemistry, in witch both people. My first oneshot story. Dan's planning to ask Mira on a date, but he's not a romantic type. So, he asked Runo for her help. What will happen.

runo and dan dating service

Dan and runo share a few moments together in season 1, and alot of other people including the bakugan battle brawlers and some of there enemies see that runo plays a importent part in dans life and usually try to kidnap her to make dan lose his battles but dan saves her and wins the battle against them.

In the series it shows that dan is very protective of runo and runo is verry protective of dan to. At the end of season 2 they are seen going on a date to the movies. When runo apears in new vestroia She runs to him and tries to hug him but phases through him because she wasnt fully in new vestroia, when doctor michole tells dan that runo may get stuck between worlds forever he gets sad and worrys for her.

He also gets angry at shadow probe for getting in his way of saving her. Dan then follows her into the gate along with mira and Baron but spectra and other vestles have followed them into the human world and now planed to kidnap her from dan.

It is also discovered that she will be apart of the bakugan reisitance because she gets partnered with a egosauras and will battle along side him. Shun - Shun and Dan have also known each other since they were kids to because there mothers always had play dates and from that day on shun and dan were Best friends.

They had also Created the Bakugan rules along with and decide what ability cards do. Shun and Dan always fight like him and runo but never as to the point of ripping each others heads off like they do. Dan and Shun are almost like brothers and would also protect each other from harm. Even though dan and Shun are competive but they realy do care for each other and are happy for each other for there winings in battles.

They battled with each other in the fight agenst Naga with the other bakugan battle brawlers. In the Bakugan new vestroia series dan and shun get seperated because shun was transported into new vestroia trying to save the bakugan. When dan arives shun becomes apart of the bakugan reisitance to help them take down the vestles. Shun is the secound person dan tags battle with.

Marucho - Marucho is the guy who dan can go to for getting advice on what to do in bakugan battles angenst enimies or aponets. Marucho also helped Dan and the others faceing naga in the battle to help drago become the strongest bakugan so that they can get the silent core and infidity core befor naga rules vestroia and earth. In the new vestroia series hes almost best man in dans book because marucho knows all about the true relationship between dan and Runo and teasses him with that to just sees how he reacts to what he says about him.

Marucho is the third to partnerd up with dan in tag battles, Marucho uses water atributes while dan uses Fire atributes making them a powerful duo. Marucho also trys hard to keep the peace between people when they are agueing. Julie - Julie comes across as dan's friend and used to be his numver one fan that possion is now taken by Baron 'he knows everything about the bakugan batlle brawlers and how they defeted naga. Julie is chatting budies with dan on the bakugan website along with the other bakugan brawlers and it can be showed that she used to have a big crush on him but then she relizes that she has romantic fellings for her childhood friend Billy so now there just good friends now.

She uses earth atributes and is the forth to partnered up with dan in tag battles. She also can be a little bit nosey and gets into the relationship between him and runo along with marucho.

She does apper in the new vestroia series but is unkown if she will play a bigger part in the seiries.

runo and dan dating service

Alice - Alice Plays the part almost as a worried big sister to dan and trys to help him in anyway she can but she does keep a secret from him and the other brawlers not only is her grandfather of hal g she is also massqurade and is the one who sent his other bakugan to the doom diemension along with some of the other bakugan brawlers bakugan to. She reviels to dan and the others that she is masqurade and they forgive her for what she had done because she diddnt even want to be this other identidy for herself but for her grandfather dr mickole, so she took part of her grandfathers mission with him.

After masqurade is gone she is left with hydronoyed and helps dan and the others save vestroia. Bakugan Reisistance Mira - Mira is the first person that marucho and dan meet in new vestroia and she takes them with her to the team base to meet the others of the reisitance which are: Aceand Baron.

She then teaches dan and marucho the ways of the bakugan battles in new vestroia because the rules are diffrent then thouse that dan and shun made for the earth battles and she teaches them about the vestles and how they want to slave the bakugan of new vestroia to make them to serve the prince new vestroia.

Runo took a deep breath first, before saying: Her expression soon changed to sad and worried "Julie, what should I do? I'm so worried" "You should tell him how you feel, Runo" "But he likes Mira" the blunette responded, sadly. I don't want that to happen" the blunette explained "Promise you won't say anything" "I promise" the silver hair girl nodded. Suddenly Runo's phone got a text message. Runo quick looked at it and sighed "Dan just texted me.

Mira is really happy he asked her out" "Duhh. Mira always had a thing for Dan" "I know" Runo said. Her voice is filled with worriers and sadness. She always knew Runo likes Dan, but Runo never said it out loud. Finally now she did, but now she is in difficult situation.

I'm sure my feelings toward him are like for 1 week.

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Maybe 2" "Runo, you been crushing on him since forever. You know, that those feelings won't disappear" The blunette stared at her, knowing she is absolutely right. I'm freakin out" Julie hugs her tight "Everything will turn out just fine" "What if it won't?

Dan and Mira will date, and then they get married and have children together. I'll be living with 7 cats. I'll be lonely cat lady and have nobody" "Okay, Runo, slow down there" Julie stopped the blunette "You are being ridiculous. There is no way you'll be a crazy cat lady. You'll be a beautiful woman with a prince by your side" "You think so?

Especially to Dan" Runo took a deep breath and finally said: I'm a bit exaggerating" "Let's go for a smoothie" Julie suggested, cheerily.

Runo nodded and grabbed her bags. They quickly walked toward the smoothie cart.

runo and dan dating service

The next day Runo was sitting in the park alone; she was thinking how was the date of soon-to-be-a-couple. Runo was seriously thinking of Dan ending up with Mira.

He doesn't like classical music, but he went to the concert anyway. He tried to be romantic, conforming and sweet. Runo was absolutely sure, that Dan only sees her as a friend.

Runo sighed sadly at her thoughts. She wanted to cry, but she knew it won't help. Runo looked up and saw red-headed girl walking toward her. Alice, what's going on? Runo's walking fast through the park, looking for her male best friend. She either felt really happy or sad, when Alice told her what had happened yesterday.

She was about to call him, when the blunette saw the brunette sitting on the bench alone, while watching bunch of kids playing baseball. She slowly sat down next to him "Remember, when we were little and we played baseball" "I do. They were good times" Dan laughed quietly. Dan stared at her. He sighed "On the date, I was conforming and sweet, like you told me to.

Things were going good, but to be honest, it wasn't as good as we practiced" Dan started explaining "When the some time passed, we were going for a kiss, but things turned ugly" "Because you called out my name" Runo interrupted him.

Dan nods and looked away from her. There was a dead silence between them. Runo seriously couldn't believe what happened yesterday.

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She was so afraid, that things between Dan and Mira will work out; that Dan's Mira's prince charming. But she was wrong after all. But she wasn't sure on one thing, so she broke the silent, by asking: But finally he looked at her eyes and whispers: Yes, I do" Runo's eyes winded, not believing what she just heard. Dan's eyes winded, but soon closed.

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Runo soon wrapped her arms around him. Dan laughs and wraps his arms around her waist. But I was too scared to ask" "Then why did you want to date Mira? Maybe she can get you out of my mind'; I always thought you don't feel the same way about me.

But after the date, I realized, that no one can't get you out of my mind" Dan carefully explained. A tear suddenly ran down on her cheek, making Dan panicked.

Will you go out with me? She wrapped her arms around his neck. He gently placed her on her feet. They smiled at each other, feeling like they were the only ones on this world. Dan slowly leans in as their lips locked together. So, this is my first oneshot story.

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