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Leven Thumps and the Wrath of Ezra by Obert Skye (Leven Thumps #4) Foo, Leven Thumps Reading Adventure, Nerd Geek, Book Fandoms, Book Nerd. Leven Thumps and the Wrath of Ezra (Leven Thumps) has 0 reviews and 0 Interest Level, Reading Level, Reading A-Z, ATOS, Word Count. Editorial Reviews. Review. A fun and exciting story., September 28, By Caitlin I and my Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Leven Thumps and the Wrath of Ezra Publication Date: October 21, ; Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC; Language: English .. Shop Online.

And he's selfish enough to sacrifice the dreams of all mankind for his own desires. Get ready to dine with Eggmen, ride on the backs of a Wave, find the Invisible Village, travel by rope, wrestle in chocolate, battle blindfolded, and, of course, live the impossible with the awesome Geth. Sequel[ edit ] The fifth and final book has been confirmed and is titled Leven Thumps and the Ruins of Alder.

Cover[ edit ] This is the only novel in the Leven Thumps series to not have Leven on the front cover. Leven Thumps[ edit ] Leven is fourteen and is the grandson of Hector Thumps, the builder of the gateway. Lev originally knows nothing of Foo or of his heritage. He eventually discovers he is an offing who can see and manipulate the future.

He is most experienced with manipulating the weather control the wind, make it rain. Lev's brown eyes burn gold whenever his gift kicks in. Leven is also an unnatural offing in the way that he can manipulate the future over great distances.

He also knows the secret of how to kill a sycophant. He has now become The Want as his grandfather was the last Want. After releasing a longing Phoebe, he falls deeply in love with Winter.

Winter Frore[ edit ] Winter is thirteen, with white-blond hair and deep evergreen eyes. Her pale skin and willowy clothes give her the appearance of a shy spirit. Like Sabine, she is a nit and has the ability to freeze whatever she wishes.

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She was swept away to Foo, but her thoughts and memories of her previous life are gone. Winter struggles just to figure out what her purpose is. In book two, her gift is forcefully taken away from her by a machine that she created in her past life. She too falls deeply in love with Leven after the release of the longing Phoebe.

Geth[ edit ] The heir to the throne of the land of Foo, and one of the Lithens, the people who were chosen by fate to be on Foo first. He was turned into a Fantrum seed by Sabine, and grew until Terry Graph Leven's Uncle chopped him down for destroying his house.

Geth then became a toothpick who helped Leven on his quest to stop the war of merging Reality and Foo. He has now joined Leven in hopes to save Foo.

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His brother was Zale, but evidence shows that Zale died. Clover Ernest[ edit ] He is a wise-cracking sycophant from Foo, sent by the nit Antsel to look after Leven, who becomes his burn. Clover has the power to turn invisible with his cloak which also carries his secret voidand as a sycophant there is only one way that he can die, but only the sycophants and Lev know what that is. Tim Tuttle[ edit ] Tim Tuttle was at one point Winter's neighbor.

On the way, Azure tells Geth and Winter that he is destroying them and Leven in exchange for the location and instructions to open the second gateway to Foo.

Once Winter and Geth are in the cell, Lith starts sinking, but Winter cleverly finds a way out. Meanwhile, Tim Tuttle falls out of a tree and is knocked unconscious. Tim has a sudden revelation and remembers the gateway.

He dives in the Konigsee and gets to Foo. Leven then hears a voice in his head telling him to thrust a sword into the darkness. He thinks It's someone warning him of danger. In self-defense, he strikes, then realizes he has killed The Want. Hector was the one who started the whole thing by finding a way out of Foo. He also tells Leven that he was sick of being the Want, and had planned for a long time to have Leven "accidentally" kill him. The Want also reveals that whoever kills the Want, becomes the Want.

Before Hector dies, he wishes Leven luck in saving Foo. Soon, Leven reunites with Geth, Winter, and Clover. Leven being the Want is very startling to his friends, especially Winter, who has developed a deep love for Leven in the end. Leven Thumps and the Wrath of Ezra The dreams of mankind are in grave danger as the Dearth, the true evil beneath the soil, rises above ground and slowly gains the strength he needs to defeat Leven Thumps.

Leven, now the Want, is also gaining strength. Will he discover his new power before the Dearth finds him? Sycophant Run is on the brink of war. Winter and Leven fall in love and kiss.

The secret of how to kill sycophants is now more a threat than ever.

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Can Clover and the sycophants protect the only gateway to Reality now that they're so vulnerable? And speaking of Reality, Terry and Addy are about to join forces with a one- time janitor and the angriest, most confused toothpick alive: What kind of power is raging inside that sliver of wood? And the love for Leven from Winter is revealed when they accidentally let a longing lose and she wants to be with him. But fate has other plans for Leven. He and Clover shadow-travel to Alder and are set out to get through unfinished business to get to the oldest tree in Foo.

Will he make it in time? Are Leven and Winter not meant to be together forever? Titular protagonist of the series, a boy who can manipulate fate, also called an offing.

He embarks on a journey to defeat Sabine and his evil shadows. Leven becomes the Want. He and Winter fall in love and kiss in the 4th and 5th book.

Also Clover's 'burn' throughout the series. A girl possessing the power to control ice. She was brought to Foo, but was later changed into a baby and brought to Reality in order to help Leven with his quest. She lived with her mother not her real mother Janet, who did not care for her. She went to Oklahoma to escape her mother and ended up on a quest to help Leven defeat Sabine. She later ends up losing her gift, but she regains it over time in Leven Thumps and the Ruins Of Alder.

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Winter falls deeply in love with Leven. They finally kiss in the 4th and 5th book. His pockets hold many things as sycophants favor in strange things. Clover eats an assortment of candy and goods which the Eggmen create. However, Leven is usually against eating these strange foods, because he had tried Clover's candy way too many times to trust them. The true heir of Foo. He is turned into a seed by Sabine and planted in Leven's yard by Antsel where he grows into a large tree. Eventually he is cut down to the size of a toothpick and hangs around in Winter's pocket.

He leads Leven to Foo and has unwavering faith in fate. An antagonist in the series. He travels into reality to rule both Foo and reality. Like Winter, he is a nit who can control ice. He later is destroyed by Clover. His remains were destroyed in Reality by Ezra, and by Leven on the island of Alder. As a rant, half of him changes constantly to the dreams of others and his appearance varies.

He is defeated by Leven. He is cruel and lazy. The only thing he likes is drinking. Chops Geth down when he was still a tree. He finds Antsel's cloak while searching with a metal detector. He and Addy are both killed in a car accident. Terry's wife and Leven's mother's half sister. She goes nuts whenever Leven calls her his "aunt". She agreed to take care of him when his mother died soon after his birth.

She is cruel and cold towards him, but slightly better than Terry. Occasionally sticks up for Leven but doesn't try very hard at it. Her house is smashed down by Geth. She and Terry are both killed in a car accident. Leven's grandfather and the creator of the gateway bordering from Reality and Foo. His quest to go from Reality and Foo drove him crazy, but he was a very brilliant man.