Paris and benji dating

Paris Hilton Reportedly Determined to Win Benji Madden Back

paris and benji dating

Benji Madden has written a love song for Paris Hilton. The Good Charlotte rocker penned Shine Your Light in tribute to his girlfriend, who he. Actress Cameron Diaz, right, married rocker Benji Madden Photo: Getty for single women, married rocker Benji Madden, 35, after dating for eight months. rocker Madden was previously linked to hotel heiress Paris Hilton. Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden were married last night after less than a Madden dated Aussie actress Sophie Monk until , then Paris.

  • Benji Madden
  • Cameron Diaz marries rocker Benji Madden, 35

Having many things in common, the pair bonded almost immediately over their love of music and their southern heritage. Nicole also met Joel's twin brother, and bandmate, Benji, right away. The twins, who are very close, have a habit of sharing everything that is going on in their personal lives with each other. In fact, Benji later married Cameron Diaz, a good friend of Nicole's.

Nicole has said that the kids love the idea of sleeping on a bus, and waking up in a new city every morning.

Paris makes feelings for Benji crystal clear at Nicky's runway show

The touring family get to check out malls all over the country, and experience new cities and sites together. Not to mention, they all get to enjoy VIP access to their dad's concerts, and have unlimited snacks and drinks at the venues.

Not a bad life for a couple of kids that aren't even 10 yet! Nicole has often said that being on tour allows their family to stay close, when otherwise it would be very difficult to bond over phone calls or Skype during extended periods. The loving couple weren't always seeing eye to eye, and they went through some seriously dark times when people speculated that they might end up breaking up.

So what is at the center of the disharmony? Back when Nicole was staying at home with two young babies, Joel was still on the road and prioritizing his career, which made Nicole feel like she was a single mom.

Going to events solo was just the norm for her, and resentment was heavy in the air when the two were together. Not only that, but Joel took a position as a judge on the Australian version of "The Voice" which Nicole was initially completely against.

paris and benji dating

Eventually she moved herself and the kids to Sydney so that they could all be together during the filming. People speculated that the pair were calling it quits, after being photographed fighting in public, and not looking so cozy and in love as they once were. It turns out, the couple had actually bought another home that they were moving into together!

Wedding bells for Paris and Benji

Of course, a move doesn't mean that a couple is separating, and this seems to have been an instance where the media totally exaggerated a situation. Nicole and Joel both denied that they had any talks of separating during that period. Inshe launched a jewelry line called House Of Harlow Later, the line would be extended into a full women's clothing and accessories collection that included clothing, shoes and handbags.

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Is Paris Hilton Dating Benji Madden? -

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paris and benji dating

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paris and benji dating

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