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TB replies they aren't dating-that SY is just a sunbae (superior) on the . and pile up together and the ones on the bottom get stepped on and die. For some reason I don't like the Tae Bum/Sooyoung scenes as much. Joo Won and UIE's couple pairing in drama Ojakgyo Brothers was very Kim Yong Rim and brothers Jung Woong In (Coffee House), Ryu Soo Young (My The second son is Tae-Bum (Ryu Su-Young) who works as a reporter . push n pull game which jw dislike so their rs can last. and if they are dating. Episode 9: Ja Eun confronts Tae Hee and calls the Hwangs a family of . Episode Su Young's mom demands that Tae Bum kneel before her; . Tae Pil has Yeo Eul pretend to be his girlfriend so that he can get rid of .. Kim Ja Ok, Korean Drama, Ojakgyo Brothers, Ryu Soo Young, UEE, Yun Woo Jin.

The mom tells her to sit and tells her to hold one. J recoils so mom asks what is there to be scared of- hurry and hold it. She holds it in her hands. Mom explains how animals like it when their names are called like humans. The mom pets O and tells it to have some strength — if you die like this — unni J will be so sad so what do we do — have some strength. J stares and pets her duckling and says in her head: The mom and J actually have a nice moment while reviving their ducklings.

TH thinks if it was received as a souvenir there could be a possibility it could be from a restaurant or shopping mall. Their boss walks in so D changes the site to pull up pics of Yuna Kim.

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D tells the boss: D is outraged but TH laughs. TH runs into the police chief in the hallway. The mom is feeding the ducklings and praising them and tells them to eat up. J brings water for them. J asks if the ducklings are ok-they have been revived right? Mom says they have to see for another day but right now it looks like they will be ok.

J is relieved and thanks the mom. I will never make that mistake again — thank you very much. The mom warns J never to do that again or she wont leave J alone. She keeps talking to the ducks and tells them to drink water and tends to them. J sees how nice the mom is to the ducks and looks envious. TB says she stepped out and will be back soon.

She holds his collar and says the dress shirt color looks good on him — who bought it for you — did you choose it yourself. TB pulls back and says he chose it himself. Stuff like this you can ask your girlfriend to buy it. TB cant believe she is saying all this. She insists rather loudly that her mom go out and talk so the mom tells her to lower her voice cuz ppl are working here. TB bows to her.

The mum continues saying that TB must like to work out cuz his shoulders are broad. The mom keeps looking back at TB but SY is dragging her along.

TB is mortified and realizes the whole office is taking about what just happened. SY asks her mom what she is doing — why did she come here. Why is that my fault? The mom gets a call her husband that she should come home right away cuz Y is home.

The mom says she will be right there and SY says go together. He calls SY and asks where she is cuz he needs to talk to her but she says she cant talk to him now and hangs up. TB mutters that she ignored his calls twice today. Y says she took a break and is going to run a business here —she already has it set. I know you are angry and disappointed but I came cuz ….

Y never gets to finish her sentence cuz the mom hits her and calls her crazy. Cuz it was so hard to get Y into the school so how could she run off. Without even a word of discussion how could you quit school. The dad tells the mom to say it with words and not hit. During that time I stayed at a hotel cuz I knew you would react this way and I was going to stay like that till I got settled in but I came cuz I really have to tell you something unni.

What kind of guy is he? Tell me — who is it? SY tell them everything-hurry. What does that mean? Dad and mom — I want to have this baby. What did you say? The dad and Y tell her not to be like this cuz the mom is screaming. How could you do this to us? What did I have to go through to raise you? That you are pregnant? That it just happened? If you thought of me even a little how could you do this? How could you dare to say that in front of me?

How could you do this to me? Are you really my daughter?

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Are you really cha SY? Y to the mom: I will just disappoint you once. Mom you know too — after my surgery how hard it would have been for me to get pregnant. Does he know or not! Does he know or not? SY keeps her mouth shut. And yet you still you want to have his child? Knowing you have a baby but not caring-that kind of guy — you want to have his child?

Y tells her not to be so overemotional. SY goes to her room. Her dad comes in. Answer me — answer me. The dad makes a motion to go after TB so she gets up and lies. Why are you saying such frustrating things? He is concerned and asks why her face looks like — when he wants to break her legs. JS drives TS home. TS says her name. I will make sure to give you two things next year. JS says hi to H and H says hi back. MS tells him to get out of the car.

JS says they still have something to talk about so go ahead first. JS says bye to H. MS gives him a dirty look as she walks away. MS shi must be married. I dont know the details too. TS laughs and says no way.

Never give your little brother your credit card, no matter how big the secret.

Ojakkyo Brothers E13 and E14

He continues his crazy childish jealous streak with Kim Jae-ha, which start to go overboard for me, because at some point you wonder what the point is, since you already got the girl. Ja-eun comes home late one night after a date with Tae-hee, and Mom is up late waiting for her. She rips her a new one for making her worry, bringing Ja-eun to tears. But upstairs in her room Ja-eun smiles to herself in this way that just warms your heart—you can see that it makes her happy to know that Mom cares enough about her to be mad.

Meanwhile Grandma gets antsier and antsier by the day for Tae-hee to find a girlfriend, and he keeps deflecting but not outright refusing, which makes Ja-eun secretly miffed. Are you not going to marry me?! He starts to unwittingly lash out at Ja-eun while guarding this secret, and meanwhile we start to get hints that Baek In-ho might still be alive. I love that before she finds out about their relationship, Mom asks Ja-eun if she wants to be her daughter. Tae-hee finally introduces her to the family as his girlfriend, and after they recover from the shock, Mom and Grandma rejoice, but Dad blows a gasket.

They plan to sell it and move out.

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I love that he complies, no questions asked. She watches with tears streaming down her face, and runs across the street and bear-hugs him. He begs Dad to let them stay together, but Dad forbids it. Tae-hee gets on his knees, crying, and asks him to forgive Ja-eun just once. But the problems just keep piling on, because Baek In-ho returns, alive and well. Apparently the result of the accident 26 years ago is news to him—all he knew was that he drove drunk and hit someone, but he was told the man lived.

While the reason for their breakup is infuriating, it was really touching and sad to see how they handled the family opposition. For their last date, he comes with tie in hand and she ties his tie one last time. They both end up in a tailspin—Ja-eun goes on a self-destructive streak, and Tae-hee drinks himself into a stupor night after night.

He finally comes home to Grandma and begs her in the most sorrowful tears to please forgive Ja-eun and let them be together. Oof, it just kills. Yunno, in that stomp-your-heart-into-pulpy-goo way. Mom goes to make sure that Ja-eun is okay, and I love the pep talk that she gives her. More than anything, she sees Tae-hee so broken-hearted day after day, living like a zombie.

Mom asks permission to go see Ja-eun for a few days, and Grandma not only says yes, but tells her to bring Ja-eun back with her when she comes home. I was seriously a few episodes away from disowning you two. They originally plan on a late spring wedding, but Tae-shik gets so excited about Mi-sook in her wedding dress that he twirls her around and breaks her arm, which means they have to postpone theirs. Haha, nothing like an antsy Granny to push your plot along.

Ja-eun finds herself at a crossroads as the wedding approaches — she gets offered an internship in the states for a year. But Ja-eun says she respects Mom more than anyone, and wants to grow up to be like her. Their vows are so sweet—he promises to be her shade and she promises to be his tree.

She cracks me up.