Nate and jenna dating

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nate and jenna dating

On last night's Pretty Little Liars (Season 3, Episode “Single Fright Female”), Maya's (Bianca Lawson) supposed cousin Nate (Sterling. It's ok. @nadeshot and I have nothing but love and respect for each other still. Sometimes things just don't work out. ❤️. Nate buzz dating - Rich woman looking for older man & younger man. I'm laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an old soul like myself. I'm a lady.

Novel Series After breaking up with his girlfriend, Blair, Nate meets Jenny in Central Park and they begin a brief romantic relationship.

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Why Did Nate Tell Jenna, “I Know You Saw Me”?

In the short time they date, Nate buys her thong underwear and the two are accidentally filmed fooling around by Vanessa in a video that goes viral. However, Jenny takes the relationship more seriously than he does and he begins to back off when he sees how into him she is; namely after she paints his face in several art forms.

He slowly stops talking to her and she realizes it's over when she sees him with Blair at a party he stood her up to attend. This relationship lasts until she begins to pursue Blair's younger brother, Tyler Waldorf. At the end of the series, Nate leaves to sail around the world to avoid ruining Blair and Serena's friendship.

At the end of the night, she trades masks and shrugs with Serena van der Woodsen and is grabbed by Nate, thinking she's Serena. He confesses that he loves her and wants to be with her before kissing her. Jenny pulls away and runs off right before the real Serena comes to tell Nate to look for Blair Waldorf. Realizing his mistake, he buys Jenny chocolates that he brings to school in the hopes of convincing her not to share what he did.

She assures him she won't tell, as he's recently back together with Blair. Meanwhile, Blair's mother Eleanor Waldorf reveals that Nate's parents, Howard Archibald and Anne Archibaldwere talking about how the van der Bilt family ring would eventually be Blair's. She takes this to mean that Nate is seriously planning for their future and gets so excited that she tells Jenny. However, Jenny knows that he isn't and tells Blair about what happened at the ball. Furious, Blair fires Jenny and she and Nate break up that evening after she explains that she knows what he did.

In Seventeen CandlesNate's mom, Anne Archibaldasks him to give Blair a special family heirloom in the hopes that it will ensure Eleanor's company loyalty in the wake of his father's arrest.

However, Nate doesn't want to do so due to his break up with Blair. Outside her 17th birthday party, he runs into Jenny and they decide to take a walk instead of going inside.

nate and jenna dating

He reveals what his parents want him to do and she encourages him to make his own decisions. Meanwhile Blair, having recently slept with both Nate and his best friend, Chuck Basssuspects she is pregnant. She asks Serena to buy a test for her and Serena is photographed on Gossip Girl buying it. When having dinner with Dan later, she confesses to him that she never thought she was pregnant but that Blair did even though she never told her directly that she slept with both Chuck and Nate.

When Blair discovers she isn't pregnant, she rejects Chuck completely to focus on her new relationship with Nate. Angry at this, Chuck sends a tip to Gossip Girl that Blair slept with two guys in one week. When Nate sees the blast, he assumes it's false until a vengeful Jenny confirms the rumor. As a result, Nate breaks up with Blair, who eventually learns it was Jenny who told him. In the The Blair Bitch ProjectNate notices the change in Jenny's attitude after Blair is dethroned as queen and she's cemented as one of the girls of the steps.

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He warns her to be careful not to fall out of line with her new friends but she becomes defensive and says she won't. That evening, Jenny stresses over not having anything to wear to her birthday dinner with her friends but her prayers are answered when she stumbles into Hazel Williams ' mother's closet, which is filled with designer clothes.

Nate asks what she needs that much money for and she decides not to tell him. Concerned, Nate finds Jenny's brother, Dan Humphreyand fills him in on her request. By the time he arrives home, Jenny's crime has been revealed to her friends and their father, Rufus Humphrey. Later that night, she sneaks over to Nate's to apologize and asks him to come with her to crash Blair's table at Butter.

He agrees to go and Jenny gets her place back in the group. Wanting to help, he invites Nate to move in to the loft; an offer Nate eventually accepts. While living there he becomes closer friends with Jenny and develops a small crush on her, that he acts on in Pret-a-Poor-J after he finds her taking photos in her bra with her friend Agnes Andrews.

Meanwhile, Jenny has recently quit working at Waldorf Designs and set out to start her own clothing line. Her first step is to find investors and she plans to crash an event at The Palace Hotel where many UES socialites will be and stage a guerrilla fashion show. When Nate discovers what she is doing, he agrees to support her and not stop her.

After her show is a success, she kisses him but unbeknownst to the two, Vanessa AbramsDan's childhood friend who is interested in Nate, sees. At the same time, Dan kicks Nate out of the apartment for having a relationship with Jenny. Having nowhere else to go, Nate decides to go to the Hamptons to stay with his mother but mails a letter to Jenny confessing his feelings before leaving town. Having never seen the letter, Jenny believes Nate lost interest in her and moved on.

However, she realizes this isn't the case when she sees a photo of him kissing Vanessa on Gossip Girl. She makes a dress for her with no lining that will reveal her underwear and bra in front of everyone and the plan works. Before the plan takes place, the guilt of stealing the letter convinces Vanessa to tell Nate she stole the letter and accept the consequences. Once Jenny's plan takes place, it ultimately backfires: Her lucky parents are Nate's sister, Mikella and her husband, Eric.

nate and jenna dating

She is the happiest little girl, always smiling! It has been so much fun for the couple to watch her grow into her own personality. Jenna loves spoiling little Charlotte and giving her lots of love!

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She also enjoys receiving weekly updates, videos and pictures of her Godchild, something that always brightens her day! The two enjoy hunting, fishing and Minnesota sports Scott is married to bridesmaid, Rachel and works in home improvement in Madison. The couple love watching sports and sampling beers at microbreweries. Ryan works on their mom and step dad's farm and lives with his new wife, Sarah on the north-west side of Wausau.

Nate and Ryan enjoying checking their trail camera's and pinpointing the big buck they want to shoot come hunting season. Chris enjoys helping out on the farm and living the college life! When he and Nate get together they love a good battle of Catan.

They also look forward to any spare time they get together so they can shoot their rifle's and scout deer for the upcoming deer season. Andrew Smits - Groomsman Even though Nate has more than enough brothers, he had room for one more Andrew and Nate share many interests, including hunting and fishing, sports, country music and playing Catan! They grew up playing football and basketball together, and years later, not much has changed. Nate and T-Day love competing against each other in a round of golf or a friendly game of Catan!

He works at Wausau Tax as an Accountant.

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Sam Stone - Usher Sam and Nate met in middle school and have been friends ever since. Sam is Nate's hunting and fishing buddy, and the two love to plan impulse trips and adventures together.

Nate must have a thing for 21s, because Jenna and Travis both donned 21 for the Blugolds! Travis and Nate obviously bonded over sports, even though Travis is a big Badger fan. Like Nate, Travis also enjoys hunting and golf. Be sure to be on the look out for Travis' dance moves at the wedding