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Check the list of all Diploma in Journalism colleges/institutes in Bangalore listed on Shiksha. Get all Indian Institute Of Journalism & New Media - IIJNM. Colleges offering Diploma, Bachelors/ BSc / BA in Visual/Media and Mass Communication, masters in Visual/Media and Mass Communication and Journalism. The unique International Media Studies. (IMS) Master's program prepares students for careers in the communications and media sectors. Theory experts and.

The Museum also holds the world's most important collection of Naga artefacts from Assam, some 5, items covering virtually all aspects of Naga material culture. Its ethnographic collection of musical instruments now features the Indian collection given by Sir Sourinda Mohun Tagore alongside the examples collected by Henry Balfour, the first curator of the Museum.

It conducts a number of clinical studies in common cancers in India and provides training and fellowships to more than 30 Indian clinicians and scientists, conducting high quality research that will help to reduce death and suffering from cancer in India. Both centres collaborate on the Oxford-India Health Research Network, an informal network of Oxford researchers collaborating with health research organisations in India.

Investigating the drivers and impacts of child poverty, it aims to generate evidence to help policymakers design programmes that can break the poverty cycle.

Dedicated to investigating the behaviour of black holes, it employs small telescopes, strategically separated in longitude around the globe so there is always one in darkness, to provide around the clock data to the headquarters in Oxford.

Observatories located in boarding schools in India, Chile, Australia and South Africa are equipped with research-grade instrumentation and bespoke spectrographs providing continuous monitoring of black hole SS, the first undertaking of its kind.

The project seeks in particular to engage girls from around the world and inspire a new generation of scientists. In Januarya solar farm was connected to the observatory in India.

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It is now powered entirely independently of the local grid from a renewable source. Wearable Devices for Distal Arm Functionality Rehabilitation to develop affordable prostheses for the large majority of the Indian population. Fromthe IISc, with its expertise in affordable and appropriate design, is working together with biomechanics and clinical trials experts at Oxford and with experts in commercialisation at both centres.

Macro and Micro histories of Globalization project attempts to historicise and re-conceptualise globalisation, bring the key disciplines together, and better understand its intimate mechanics and implications for the present. Its aim is to study the earliest maritime connections that linked up and gradually transformed societies around the Indian Ocean.

The project draws upon the methods of archaeology, genetics, linguistics and palaeoenvironmental studies to try to better understand the first steps towards globalisation in the Indian Ocean world, exploring the interplay between the cultural and biological factors that came to shape societies, species and environments in the region. Focused on North-East China, Iran and Central Asia, and the Himalayan mountain front, the researchers work closely with local scientists, policy-makers and organisations, both government and non-governmental to achieve its core aims: A collaboration between University of Oxford, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi and University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, the project examines the complex role of literature in theorising the city: It brings the insights of critical geographers and historians into dialogue with cultural and literary critics, identifying literary texts as key to interrogating current theoretical debates on space and social control.

Scholarships The University is very pleased to be able to offer Indian students a range of scholarship funding to facilitate their study at Oxford. Oxford continually seeks to expand the range of scholarships available for Indian students even further, and in the University was delighted to welcome five of the British Council Jubilee Scholarships holders.


Societies Once students arrive at Oxford, there are a number of student societies and support networks. As a society, they strongly believe in the idea of "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam" global oneness. Their activities are centred on promoting Indian culture music, food, festivals and contemporary intellectual thought through organising a range of talks and debates.

The society also tries to inform Hindus and non-Hindus alike of the main teachings and philosophy of Hinduism. India is essentially a nation steeped in tradition and culture, where women had no call when it comes to taking control of their sexuality. This was more than just a revenue-centric work- we Media Mantra were fighting for a social uprising and therefore, had to act fast and decisive. The Communication objective Our objective for PR campaign planning was three-pronged: The PR strategy we applied Tact, paired up with sensitivity is the common emotion through which we carried the PR campaigns forward.

Our PR strategy was divided into the following categories: Information seeding Here, Company and the spokesperson were introduced to the relevant media.

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This helped in bridging the communication gaps. A mild sense of awareness was created. Trend Stories One needs to go through a varied set of trends to establish a brand presence. Therefore, participation in relevant stories through actively pitching story ideas and exploring participation opportunity in Industry stories was undertaken. The curiosity was ramped up to another notch, through this. Guest Articles To be a leader, it is important to exhibit leadership qualities.

Here, authored article opportunities were worked upon, positioning the spokesperson as an Industry thought leader.