Joseph morgan and candice accolade dating games

'The Vampire Diaries': Candice Accola talks Klaus, Miss Mystic Falls |

joseph morgan and candice accolade dating games

Candice Accola as Caroline and Joseph Morgan as Klaus on 'The Vampire Diaries' James Maslow Splits From Girlfriend Gabriela Lopez Pete Davidson Smiles With Machine Gun Kelly at Denver Basketball Game. Language: English Runtime: 41 minutes Release date: September 15, .. Joseph Morgan as Klaus Mikaelson Candice Accola as Caroline Forbes. Tonkin) plan to help hybrids break their sire bond to Klaus (Joseph Morgan). CANDICE ACCOLA: I feel like this season, Caroline's just trying to be a moral they can execute their plan and try to get ahead and beat Klaus at his own game. Fans are speculating that Caroline brings Klaus as her date.

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joseph morgan and candice accolade dating games

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