Jinger and lawson courtship dating

jinger and lawson courtship dating

Jinger Duggar dating Lawson Bates? News of Jinger and Lawson courting would be a bright spot for the Duggar family, who are still dealing. Jinger Duggar And Lawson Bates Courtship: Did Lawson Share Video as a chaperone during Jinger Duggar's “date” with Lawson Bates. Duggar love triangle, party of three! Rumors have been swirling that Jana Duggar is in a secret courtship. While her male counterpart has.

Jana Duggar’s Complete Dating History, 4 Men She’s Been Rumored To Court

When Jinger and Jeremy first announced their pregnancy, they were specifically mum on the due date. In fact, they were so careful that the photo they released perfectly positioned the sign reading "we're expecting!

It was impossible to tell how far along she was and when the baby was due. But husband Jeremy accidentally let it slip. In a newsletter for the church where he serves as pastor, it was announced that Jinger and Jeremy would be welcoming their baby in July Of course, the media found out and made the news public.

Jana Duggar is not 'Counting On' courtship with 'Bringing Up Bates' Lawson Bates

Since then, Jinger has shared more photos on social media and confirmed the due date. She appears in one photo standing next to a sign saying how many weeks along she is and what the baby resembles.

Joy was married to Austin on May 26, At the end of the summer, they announced their pregnancy. But fans were suspicious, as Joy's tummy looked much larger than someone who had conceived only a few months ago.

Joy raised even more suspicions when she mentioned that her child would be six months older than Jinger's.

It also means she would have conceived in April or early May, and not after her May 26 wedding. Adding even more fuel to the fire?


Joy and Austin moved up their wedding date from October to May, making fans think it was to cover up their pregnancy. Some believe Joy has already given birth and it's being covered up or she'll give birth soon and claim her baby was born early to account for the mismatched conception date. And, understandably, her family isn't too impressed by this.

jinger and lawson courtship dating

But they've let it slide. Jim Bob and Michelle believe that once their daughters are married, they're under their husband's guidance. So if Jeremy is okay with pants, the Duggars have to sit back and shut up about it. But maybe Jinger went too far with this outfit. Jinger posted a snap of herself not only in pants but in a pair of Nike running shoes and a shirt that said "Nike" across the chest. Now, why is this so bad? Becuase "Nike" was the code word Jim Bob and Michelle would use with their family when they were in public.

jinger and lawson courtship dating

If a woman dressed indecently was coming towards them, the parents would say "Nike" and the boys would know to casually avert their gaze. So you can see how taking this code word and wearing it across her chest was a pretty big pushback from Jinger.

They aren't allowed to hold hands, let alone kiss or anything else more intimate. They must always have a chaperone accompany them on dates. Parents are involved in group text messages and phone calls. And then can only give side hugs.

Joy-Anna Duggar Won't Be Following in Sister Jinger's Courtship Footsteps

A side hug is when you use one arm to hug someone and stand next to them hip to hip. That way, none of your more intimate body parts touch. But Jinger and Jeremy liked to push these boundaries.

Unsettling Things Jinger Duggar Is Hiding | BabyGaga

When visiting Jeremy in Laredo during their courtship, Jinger and Jeremy sat on the couch with their arms around one another - making dad Jim Bob pretty uncomfortable. They are friends and happy to remain that, but will Jana ever find love?

Jana Duggar alone but not lonely? That Jana Duggar is 27 and unmarried is only odd given that "19 Kids and Counting" Duggars are known to marry young.

Ben Seewald was 19 and some of the courting couples are young enough to be on " Teen Mom "! The "Counting On" star isn't a lesbian and would love to marry when God provides the groom. God even provided an incredibly loyal, supportive spouse for sex addict, pedophile, cheater, online adulterer, and porn user Josh Duggar. Jana Duggar single as Josh Duggar is welcoming 5th child Does it rankle Jana, who was one of the sisters Josh Duggar sexually molested, that the "Counting On" family welcomed him back so easily?

jinger and lawson courtship dating

Does she feel any anger toward dad Jim Bob Duggar for covering up the sex abuse? Is she at all bitter that the Duggars are pregnant just months after Josh self-ejected from sex rehab?

Or is the "19 Kids and Counting" star just as sweet and uncritical as she seems? Why the flak over single Jana and not John David? Folks obsess over the reality television star because she has been "Cinderella Duggar" caring for others. They see marriage as an escape from the life of servitude she had on "19 Kids and Counting.