In criminal minds is morgan and garcia dating

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in criminal minds is morgan and garcia dating

Kirsten Vangsness plays Penelope Garcia on Criminal Minds. rang out at the end of last week's episode—aimed at Derek Morgan (Shemar. Criminal Minds: Shemar Moore Explains Why It's an Honor to Return to Morgan returned to the BAU to give Garcia the "baby girl" shot of love. Calling out Morgan-Garcia shippers on Criminal Minds! We have "People feel like he's cheating on Garcia when he goes on a date! So he's.

Shemar and I had talked on the phone, but I had never seen him.

in criminal minds is morgan and garcia dating

We have to watch this sexual harassment thing. Then that night, I get a call. I think both of us really honor how incredibly special that relationship is. What is the story and who do you play? I play Mona Livingston who is a fem fatale lounge singer. She sounds exactly as if Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz went completely insane.

Everybody is after this Bengal diamond, and he falls in love with this really strange, very violent, blood-hungry, crazy woman, and he meets this woman named Mona Livingston. It takes place in the s, so the costumes and sets are just glorious but, then, the speed of the actual comedy is very current and modern. On Criminal Minds, the team looks as if they are also friends away from work, so the fact that Joe and Shemar are in this movie, it seems like that really translates into real life, too.

Oh, it really does. I had a screening at work at lunchtime. Shemar was one of the first people. We had a kickstarter at the very end of when we were shooting. We were doing it half to get publicity and half because I had legitimately run out of money because it was so expensive.

When we did that, literally every member of my show donated. So it totally is a family affair. Criminal Minds airs Wednesday nights at 9 p. There's a discussion among 2 members. Press "Read Comments" to view.

Leave A Comment Uh-oh! They are every week, but especially with these last three with Derek in jeopardy. It just proves they love our heroes so much. I talked to Shemar and he said you convinced him to stay another year to give Morgan a proper farewell for the fans, and he said he hugged you at the wrap party and said, "You kept your promise.

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When I talked to Shemar last year, negotiations had started with the actors and he said, "I don't want to come back," and I said, "That's not OK. We want him to be happy and go on and do great things.

But as a fan of the show myself, I couldn't fathom the idea of that character just not showing up or not being there suddenly. It just didn't make sense. The initial talk was [him doing] just six episodes. I said that didn't feel like enough either, and everybody eventually settled on the number What that allowed us to do is what we always do: We introduce you to bad guys and we stop the bad guys.

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And we were able to do that for the first more than half of the season, but we had this underlying arc of the Dirty Dozen. That was Breen Frazier's brainchild and he set up an interesting story where we think this is a Garcia Kirsten Vangsness story, but then we put that to rest by "Entropy," and that episode was a Reid Matthew Gray Gubler story.

It was a good touch to have Garcia and Reid be "in danger" initially since those are the two people he's closest to. You never know, but Derek Morgan became such a protector and I think he did that because he lost a protector in his father at such a young age.

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We knew we wanted Savannah to be pregnant so that Morgan could leave with the opportunity to be a dad. This whole thing of fathers became a theme, so that's why it made sense with Montolo — his father blames Morgan for his death. Morgan's like, "I didn't poison the guy," but [Chazz] is like, "No, but you arrested him, which put him in prison and that got him killed. And then Morgan turns it on him and says, "You weren't a good father because you could've made choices that didn't put your son in the kind of line of work he was in, which means he never would've been arrested and he wouldn't have died.

And for him to survive and his wife and child to survive, it felt like if Morgan didn't walk away right now, I'd be mad at him. It was purposely written that the door's always open.

are morgan and garcia a couple?

Everything the characters say to him was really us talking to him, whether it was me and Kirsten, or me and the writing staff, or me and the cast and crew saying, "We're always here for you. We've dealt with a lot of that change. I think we've always done well in moving on and adapting and growing. Those little moments were all of us talking about Shemar leaving, but masked in Derek Morgan leaving.

in criminal minds is morgan and garcia dating

It was a full arc just for the character because he was always the cool single guy and now he's choosing his family, something maybe he never thought he might have and didn't have completely growing up.

I know some fans thought you might kill him off, but I think that would've been too cruel. He suggested it, like that could be a really great, amazing episode. I was like, "No way, no way, no way.

From a writing perspective, a fan perspective, I need to know Derek Morgan is still out there in the world. He's just not there with us right now. He's fine, he's living his life, being a dad and going to the park, and everything's good. I think that's me sort of wanting to write a happy ending, but the world feels a little safer with our heroes in it.

It took us years to kill off Mandy Patinkin 's character [Gideon] because it seemed like, who knows? Maybe one day we can get him back to guest star. And that became less and less of a possibility and it was like, OK, you know what, that could be an amazing story to tell in Season He gets murdered and we had [ Jennifer] Love Hewitt on, who never worked with Gideon but had heard about his legend and all of that. It was a fun way to honor our team after 10 years to say, "These things happen.

For shock value, deaths are more fun on TV, but in real life people just move on. They leave jobs, start anew. I would argue, having worked at this show for 11 years, it's not the norm for anyone anymore to be at one job for this long. When you look at the FBI version of that, it is unusual to have this team of people be the only ones to do this job for 11 years.

Obviously we've had people come and go, but as a whole, that team has been intact, and that's amazing and wonderful. But the realistic version is people would come and go and consult, maybe run their own field office in another city or whatever. That's what I want Season 12 to be about if we get picked up — sort of embracing that idea of "We were so lucky to have 11 years of that and now it will look a little different, but we'll be OK.

What was in those 17 minutes? That's always so hard. You know when you're filming it when it's running a little long. I never saw the cut that was that long because the editor gets his eyes on it first and his job is to get it as close to time with the director — who was, as you know, Matthew — without lifting scenes. There was a great scene with Aisha [Tyler ] and Shemar. It got truncated to her coming in with the juice and cookie.

She has this whole theory of what's going on and he says, "Just so you know, I got kicked off the case, but I'd love to hear your theory. Aisha and Shemar are really good together.

We made sure everybody had a scene with Shemar that was a one-on-one scene, but we lost a majority of that one. We lost a lot of Shemar talking to Savannah and the baby at her bedside. I think that was a four-minute scene. Instead, it was to the point, which was, "I'm so sorry, this should be me right now," which, I think, was the core of what that scene was about. At one point it wasn't in there and we had stayed outside the room, and Shemar asked if we could put some of that back, and we did.

It's just these little moments of him with each of them [that were cut]. There was a bigger buildup to him snapping at Garcia about her blind optimism. She had a lot more to say there.