Hamish and andy dating show

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hamish and andy dating show

Today on the show: Guests Hamish & Andy join the show, Spida You wouldn't believe the top things people lie about in their dating profiles. Hamish and Andy say Australian audiences are sick of 'fake' reality TV shows and take a stab at so-called 'stars' cashing in on their 15 minutes. Everything we know about new TV show Hamish and Andy's Holiday starring Black Mirror: Bandersnatch trailer and release date drop.

Even though it was our name on it. Hamish and Andy on their final radio show for It was all a bit wink, wink, nudge, nudge as I was really hoping they might sign with me. The episode series puts ordinary Aussies in the spotlight, sharing their extraordinary real-life stories with Lee and Blake.

Hamish and Andy have a new TV show!

The format involves the storytellers relating their tales, interspersed with versions scripted by the duo and dramatised by the likes of Kat Stewart, John Wood, Rob Sitch, Sam Pang and Mick Molloy, as well as a host of newcomers. When casting True Story, the guys reached out to pals and people they admired. Sometimes, as in the case of award-winning Kat Stewart, Blake and Lee went through her agent.

Could you do a voice-over for us? To be invited to just come and play for a few days with people who you admire is just such a joy.

Lee explains that their radio job, coupled with travelling around Australia filming, had meant spending hours in conversation with strangers. The test involves an enormous needle being used to extract fluid from the placenta, and Matt makes the questionable decision to attend the procedure despite Sammie begging him not to. Mayhem ensues and Matt ends up being treated by a plastic surgeon. Lee claims, remarkably, that he can find enjoyment in almost any story he hears — even the bad or boring ones.

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One of the hazards of being as approachably famous as Blake and Lee is that fans have no qualms about bailing them up for a chat. Hamish Blake and Andy Lee. I think that would be a hard thing to deal with.

Perhaps their own meeting could one day make for interesting TV fodder. And as for Nowlan? His matchmaking days are behind him. He is a middle child; his older brother, Lachlan, is a solicitor and his sister, Sophie, has completed an arts degree.

Hamish and Andy tell the true story of how they met on ‘awkward blind date’

His parents, Noel and Kerry, separated when Blake was 17, with his father eventually remarrying. Blake was a member of the National Boys Choir of Australia during the late s. That stuff still fascinates me," he says.

hamish and andy dating show

However, a few weeks into the semester, he met Andy Lee: The wheels quickly fell off my academic career. Blake's first experience with comedy was when he entered a competition at university.

His stand-up performance earned him third place and qualified him for a statewide universities' final, which he did win.

hamish and andy dating show

One is of a small anchor to symbolise his and Lee's trip on a tall ship to Tasmania, which was modified by placing the letters 'FR' to the left of the anchor producing the phonetic sound 'Franchor' in honour of Frank Stallone's Birthday. During the Perth show of the Thank You Tour Blake revealed the letters TH situated above the anchor to produce the phonetic sound "Thanchor" in thanks to the listeners of the show for the past five years.

Another of a frog smoking a joint on a skateboard, which was designed and tattooed by Pink[2] as well as the Olympic rings to symbolise the Bi-Bi-Tri-Bi-athlon. Blake is an avid supporter of the Melbourne Football Club.

hamish and andy dating show