Glee fanfiction rachel and quinn secretly dating your boss

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glee fanfiction rachel and quinn secretly dating your boss

From a Faberry prompt, 'Rachel and Quinn share a kiss during a game of spin the bottle. From that other Glee kids know what's up and attempt to play matchmaker.' But her new boss doesn't recognise her. A Secret Relationship Unlike Any Other By Readwitch Quinn Fabray was, somehow, dating Rachel Berry. Rachel and Quinn have been dating secretly for six months, and Quinn finally decides that she's ready to come out to the Glee club. Rachel. Rachel is turning 18 and has a major crush on her father's boss and best friend Her name's Quinn and she's 22, well, and waaaay prettier than me! He hugged her tight and secretly smelled her hair, then he looked at her and . she should ask him why he just asked her on a date, wait, was it a date?.

A girl can dream! He hugged her tight and secretly smelled her hair, then he looked at her and winked, she blushed and everyone sat on the living room couch, oblivious to what just happened, to have a chat till lunch was served. I never had a cool birthday party. It's my 18th birthday, it's special! Rachel was sat on the couch beside Quinn, who was wearing a mini skirt to impress Finn, but he wasn't paying any attention to Quinn at all.

So she decided to get closer to him so their thighs were touching, he immediately stood up and said he was gonna check out if lunch was ready.

You're crazy about him, but to him you're only a child, nothing but a child. Hiram and Shelby were talking so they didn't notice that Rachel was crying when she walked away. Rachel kept walking 'till she found a bathroom in that huge house, after she stopped crying, she tried to go back to the living room but she realized she was lost, and she didn't have her phone with her, what would she do now?

She kept walking around till she found a door, she thought it was the place that would lead her to where she wanted but actually it was just a huge library, she was astonish when she saw Finn siting there reading something, he just looked at her, the book still covering his face, only letting his eyes show.

I didn't mean to bother, but I got lost. I love reading, this is like the paradise to me. I can't thank you enough for the party. It's very sad to be alone. I have no one as well, it's sad to see all your friends with guys and you never had that, not even a kiss.

Can you take me back to the living room? Come here, but you gotta promise me that you will come back here more often to use my library and to talk to me, will you? And you can invite anyone you want to your party, okay?

I want it to be just the way you want it. I want it to be perfect for you. I don't deserve all this. Finn pulled her chin up with his finger. And I'm doing this cause I want to see you happy. Lunch must be ready. See you some other time, right? Hudson want to you? He won't hook up with you. You're his best friend's daughter! You say this cause you're jealous!

Okay maybe he indeed does, but she still couldn't help but think she was just imagining things. Suddenly she got a text, she read it and smiled the biggest she could, it read: It feels good to have someone to say goodnight to.

glee fanfiction rachel and quinn secretly dating your boss

Was Finn Hudson, her father's boss and best friend really into her? What's the big deal? I'mma have to take up arms with Berry. Sam's face fell, his eyes moving to the door Rachel exited out of and then back to Puck, silently agreeing with him that no matter how douchey the new guy was, they were going to side with Rachel on this one and not let Finn get all …Finn … about it. Puck and Sam followed Rachel around for the next couple of days.

Though they didn't call it following her around — they called it Being International Spies Like A Boss and had code names. They were crouched down behind a corner, heads close together as they embarked on their mid-day free period stalk of Rachel. Since she didn't outwardly mention any guys or having any dates, they took it upon themselves to monitor at every free moment so they could figure out for themselves who the new dude was.

Whaddaya think she's doing in the science lab? Tatum over and out," he concluded before popping up from his position and sliding along the lockers, eyes open and cataloguing everyone's moves. He ignored the funny looks he was getting. He was a fucking awesome spy and he knew it. Sam exhaled harshly and curled his lip, a frustrated scowl crossing his lips.

Though he walked like a normal human being and even said hello to some people in the hall as he did. She's not doing anything wrong," the blonde responded with a put-upon sigh.

Can we get this over with? I'm meeting Santana in ten. They both froze, mouths open in shock, at the scene that was playing before them. Inside the room were two people: Rachel and Mike Chang. Nothing unusual about that. What was strange, weird, wrong, was the position they were in. It wasn't sexual, not at all. Mike had Rachel cradled against his chest, eyes squeezed shut and a content look on his face. They couldn't see Rachel's face but they could see the way her arms were linked tightly around Mike's neck, her fingers buried in his hair.

Both Puck and Sam shot back from the window like they were burned and turned to each other, twin looks of shock on their faces. Rachel and Mike never seemed to show any outward signs of their affair, though Sam did see them walking down the hall together more frequently and Puck saw some strange, long, intense looks passing between them both in and out of glee.

But there was no breakup of Mike and Tina, no jealous Rachel getting angry because she seemed to be a dirty little secret againno suspicious Tina because Mike seemed to be spending a lot of time with Rachel and not her.

Sam and Puck were admittedly confused. She needs to move on. Forget about the Fidiot. Santana turned her attention to the blonde, her hand moving up to cup his jaw. You deserve better," she continued before standing on her toes and pressing her lips to his.

Puck furrowed his brow, eyes darting between Sam and Santana. She kissed him deeply, confidently, for a few more seconds before pulling away. You're so fucking lame.

glee fanfiction rachel and quinn secretly dating your boss

Santana stayed quiet about it, much to the surprise of both Puck and Sam. In fact, she usually went on their covert spying missions with them when she had the time. She even bought them mini walkie talkies. Fuck, when Berry was still with St. Douche everyone knew about it. I'm going to go find Corpse Bride. He couldn't decide whether he wanted to see them kiss or not.

Sure, it would be the proof they needed but still … it would kill Mike and Tina's relationship.

My bad.: rachel_quinn

Tina would know her boyfriend was a cheater. He knew what it felt to be cheated on and he would never wish that on anyone. Though he was pretty sure it was better to know than to not. It took another six days for Sam to finally lose it. He rationalized that it was the combination of his new whatever with Santana, seeing Mike and Tina happy, seeing Puck wearing down Lauren day by day, seeing Finn and Quinn walking the halls like King and Queen McKinley, and hearing Rachel laugh like he'd never heard before, that made him stand up in the middle of glee club, turn to his teammates, point at Mike and shout, "He's having an affair with Rachel!

Mike and I aren't having a secret tryst! We all know you like to steal other guys' boyfriends," Tina told her meanly. And then you kissed Finn. I would never cheat on Tina. Now that you've got Sam …" "Okay. Me and Sam aren't dating," Santana stressed. Or Artie," she directed to Brittany. He looked over to Rachel, who lowered her head and nodded slightly, then looked at him with encouragement and pride in her eyes.

They yelled, they screamed. Joe locked himself in his room. I couldn't get him out. And I didn't know anyone who could really help him through it. And I figured I would help out too.

It's a good cause," he added. Rachel chewed on her bottom lip before turning to look at Tina. And even if I had tried to seduce him away from you … which I didn't," she added sadly with a glance over to Sam, "he wouldn't have strayed.