Friends episode where ross and rachel start dating

Friends: 25 Things About Rachel And Ross' Relationship That Make No Sense

friends episode where ross and rachel start dating

During the whole Emily/Ross fiasco, Rachel started dating someone herself. In an episode in Season 3, Chandler's then-girlfriend Janice asks the . When Ross starts dating one of his students, the time comes for him to. Ross tells Rachel about his fantasy about her dressing up as Princess Leia, and is then crushed when Rachel tells #11 The One Where Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister Monica starts dating Julio from the diner where she works. Ross and Rachel were on and off throughout the entire series. | NBC would be an issue, but the two ended up dating shortly after his start date. We first learn of Barry in episode one after Rachel runs out on their wedding.

When Ross starts dating one of his students, the time comes for him to meet her father Paul.

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To make matters worse, Rachel starts to date Paul, meaning that his ex who he has a long and tumultuous relationship with is now dating the father of his current girlfriend, who hates him. Rachel, naturally enough, gets freaked out by this, with her flight response kicking in, leaving Ross with the child. She wants him back, but before willing to take him she writes a long list of things she wants from him in return including taking responsibility for alleged unfaithfulness, more later….

Ross skims the list, gets back with her, and upon rereading it, is appalled by its content. Feeling it's too late to retract, Ross swallows his pride, before exploding at her, ending it all again.

Turns out there are quite a few.

friends episode where ross and rachel start dating

Needless to say, Rachel finds out quickly enough. The night that they get engaged, Ross and Rachel decide to rekindle their love, again. In fairness, maybe they could have picked a better night. The two debate back an forth as to who initiated it.

friends episode where ross and rachel start dating

Both of them are two hard-working young professionals doing their best to raise their daughter in spite of the fact that they are not coupled together. This is all very sweet and Hallmark-y, except for the fact that while pregnant, Rachel dated other men herself.

Perhaps we could cut her a bit of slack here, but still feels a tad bit hypocritical to us. It looks like she might kiss Ross until he breaks eye contact, says goodbye and dejectedly sits on the step outside her apartment door.

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Ross doesn't want Rachel to date. Unsure, as usual, of where exactly their relationship stands, Rachel orchestrates a plan for Mike, who is at home with Ross, to block the call. It ultimately doesn't pan out and Ross does answer the phone, but he never gives Rachel the message.

friends episode where ross and rachel start dating

Ross tells Rachel how he would have proposed to her. Season 8, Episode 18, "The One In Massapequa" In Season 8, when Ross and Rachel are living together but very much not romantically involved, the two attend Ross's parents' engagement party and discover his parents told everyone that they got married -- instead of disclosing that Rachel is pregnant out of wedlock.

Ross tells the story of how he supposedly proposed to Rachel -- in the planetarium, with lilies, Fred Astaire on the sound system and "Will you marry me? Later, Rachel, touched by the vision, asked Ross if he just made that up.

Rachel hears Ross is marrying Emily. After the announcement, Rachel emerges from her room, where she heard the news. The look on her face feels like two hands wringing your heart. Rachel tells Ross to do whatever Emily wants. Everyone remembers "Take thee, Rachel," but one of the saddest moments of this Emily-disaster arc comes after Emily tells Ross she'll only come to New York if he stops speaking to Rachel.

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Ross is torn up about what to do, and without knowing specifics, Rachel advises him to just do what Emily wants. The audience, who actually knows what's going on, basically sobs the whole time.

Ross reveals he's keeping some hope alive. But no matter how hilarious she is, the episode where she tries to get with Ross is painful for Ross-Rachel fans, and for Rachel herself. Rachel claims she's not uncomfortable because she wants to date Ross, which at this point in the series seems pretty true, but because they have a huge history, which again, true. But at the end of the episode, Ross all but punches everyone watching in the gut when he says he stopped things with Jill on the off chance that something might happen again with Rachel.

So I stopped it and she got mad and broke my projector. Rachel states the obvious. But when she tries to get him to sympathy sleep with her, he won't do it because he feels like he'd be taking advantage.

This leads to a conversation where they suggest maybe they should never have sex again. But Rachel tells Ross that with the two of them "it's never off the table.

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During their confrontation, Rachel reveals she hadn't yet said goodbye because it's too painful. So if you think that I didn't say goodbye to you because you don't mean as much to me as everybody else, you're wrong.