Dating a hipster girl and gamer

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dating a hipster girl and gamer

I wouldn't set out in game to find them because that would A) Be a bit creepy, B) Be a total cliche, and C) Be very ineffective. Your best option will be in the real. Webcomic name: Living with Hipster Girl and Gamer Girl. Author: Jhon "Jago" I didn't bother to check for the date of this crap. Since it's posted. If you want to meet hipster girls in NYC, you have to know where to go and this Remember that I said hipster girls tend to date hipster guys? and on top of that it has games — what hipster girl can say no to a nerdy game?.

The hipster girl image is everywhere now, making it hard to find an authentic hipster girl—you know, the real deal. A cute hipster girl can often be spotted based on fashion alone.

Think Urban Outfitters and American Apparel, with a little bit of thrift store charm thrown into the mix. Urban Dictionary defines hipsters as: Let me let you in on a big secret, though: Hipster girls want the same things normal girls want. So, how can you tell if a girl is a hipster? Have you heard of one of the bands she mentions? If so, move on—this girl is not a hipster. Do the colors in her hair not make a whole lot of sense?

Does it kinda look like she just rolled out of bed? One way to impress a hipster girl is to develop a hipster hobby. It could be taking a cooking class… Brushing up on some photography skills…or learning more about popular hipster bands and artists.

dating a hipster girl and gamer

Or simply learning more about popular hipster bands and artists. Checking out the local music scene in your district is another great way to figure out what bands hipster girls like and which ones to avoid. Hipster girls love trying different foods, and many of them are into local, organic and vegetarian restaurants.

Trying them out for yourself is a great way to learn more about the things hipster girls love. After all, they have the same wants and needs as other girls. According to The Awl a popular blog that many hipster girls readhipster girls are just looking for someone who is: She might go to new shows on Thursdays, hang at the coffee shop on Mondays, have kickball practice on Wednesdays, and volunteer at the cat cafe on Fridays.

The bottom line is this: Remember that I said hipster girls tend to date hipster guys? This problem continues as the comic does and only gets worse once the author shows us how the girls ended up living with you wish Artur the emo guy who apparently isn't an emo.

dating a hipster girl and gamer

He just doesn't know what grooming is. The point is, if the jokes aren't funny and anyone who isn't there for a laugh just wants to look at cartoon tits, then no amount of backstory shoehorned into this comic will make these bland, one note characters interesting.

dating a hipster girl and gamer

Art review Fapo's not entirely a moron when drawing. He rarely uses many characters at once, but whenever he does, they all look the same, or very similar to others he has done before.

Hardly any variety in the characters' basic body types. Speaking of generic body types, why don't we talk about boobs? Why would a woman play video games in her undies?

Ok, some do, but most female gamers I know usually play while dressed in their indoors clothes, which consist of shorts, shirts, pajamas, and not the kind of clothing you only expect to find in a porn movie or a strip club.

I have to be frank, I'm not the only one who noticed.

Hipster, nerdy and gamer girls are annoying as ****

As much as I would like to think everyone on 9gag is too brain damaged to function, people at meme-hosting sites will actually make plenty of remarks about excessive boobs. Something I didn't notice at first was the snake-like spines the females in this comics have, as well as a how displaced they are.

Every female spine in this comic features an absurd break at where the lumbar area meets the torso area. Then, the torso and cervial areas of the spine fuse with each other creating a single stiff pole atop which the head rests. Seriously, you can sit on top of their butts as if they were chairs. I guess horny "gamers" read this for the "plot". That alone makes that character as unrealistic and unrelatable as possible. And kind of an offense to actual geeks with vaginas.

Though, this being a comic about comedy, one would say "fuck it! Fun's what matters" Then You realize most jokes are either outdated or they have no basis to stand on.

In Fapo's mind, somehow it's stilland ALL gamers are vicious criminals due to playing video games. These claims have been proven void long ago.

People in the media still act like it's not true for the sake of headlines, but most people in the gaming community have come to realize this isn't true Also, Apparently, it's funny to mock players for going back to an annoying dungeon just to check a room.

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Doesn't he know that you never leave a dungeon until you sacked the hell out of it? Has he heard of "pack rats"? Since when does anyone go back to a dungeon unless it's for grinding? He seriously gives me the impression of a guy who never actually plays RPG's and yet wants to fool people into thinking he's "one of us".

Then there is him talking about hipsters. I'm being honest here, AFAIK, Hipsters are people who dress funny, purchase weird, outdated stuff, and act all high and mighty due to a false belief that they are not part of the "mainstream" However, in Fapo's eyes, hipsters are parasiticannoyingassholes who lacks respect for anyone but themselves.

Although this is partially true, this isn't the stereotype. The "hipsters" in his comics resemble real hipsters thanks to him putting glasses on them no more than the ones in Questionable Content do thanks to their tshirts. Plus, I don't really see him doing anything like mocking them for their tastes, or their views.

Hipster, nerdy and gamer girls are annoying as **** | IGN Boards

It's more like he grabbed a bunch of subcultures and mixed them in a blender to get whatever the fuck that woman is. The rest of his characters are simply nonsensical.

dating a hipster girl and gamer

Again, this preise, random as it may be, has PLENTY of stuff to make fun of, yet he forces the hipster into the scene to do "hipster" things because So the punchline feels out of context. If the comic had a tittle like "What if Joseph had married Hipster Girl", maybe the joke would have made some sense still wouldn't have been funny. And maybe that's the thinking process behind it, however, since the set-up is all wrong, the joke is lost forever.

Ok, wasn't this comic about "gamers and hipsters"?

dating a hipster girl and gamer

Does he know so little about these two topics that he must resort to "controversy" to hit the page-a-week mark? Maybe he wants to display his ignorance in a third subject? Sometimes, his opinions feel more like whatever the popular opinion is right now, rather than his own unbiased take on the subject.