Chyna and rob dating chynna

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chyna and rob dating chynna

Angela Renée White (born May 11, ), professionally known as Blac Chyna, is an American Chyna mended her relationship with the Kardashians after she began dating Jenner's half-brother, Rob Kardashian, in In July , Rob Kardashian posted sexually explicit photos of Blac Chyna onto social media. I hear this quick shuffling of chyna and rob dating chynna, and then someone walks, or rather runs by. Also every side has a level tent pad and picnic table with . Plot Twist: Blac Chyna Makes More Money Than Rob, He Could Go After Her for and Chyna who they are and lied about who he's dated as well in that interview . .. Does anyone know why Tyga had full custody and is Chynna fighting for it?.

However, many Blac Chynna fans are torn between believing her and taking the sex tape as her way of staying relevant.

Rob Kardashian Moves On From Blac Chyna With NEW Girlfriend

Blac Chynna Sextape Blac Chynna news have always been filled with controversy but her 1-minutesecond sex tape released on February 19th, is the epitome of it all. The graphic footage shows her performing sex acts on a man who is presumed to be her ex-boyfriend, and was posted by an anonymous account on Twitter.

Akothee Kids and Names: After the video was posted, it was only a matter of hours before Blac Chynna was trending across the globe. In her defense, the Instagram star claimed not to know the origin of the people and requested the authorities to investigate the matter and apprehend the persons responsible. Her lawyer, Walter Mosley, condemned the act calling it a criminal act but people had already seen the tape and were already reacting.

She even threatened to sue Rob Kardashian but never did. As such, he cannot be the one who released the video online.

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Mechie is also a model and the RnB singer dated Blac Chynna for just a few months. Blac Chynna and her ex-boyfriend Demetrius Mechie Revenge Porn While most people were shaming Blac Chynna and others simply ignoring the issue, Lisa Bloom, a civil rights attorney also called the sex tape revenge porn.

She saw the tape as a cruel attempt to slut-shame women for being sexual. According to Lisa, revenge porn is displaying explicit photos of anyone without their consent, which is not only domestic abuse but also a civil crime.

chyna and rob dating chynna

Initially, the case had not been reported to the police, and the lawyer told the media the reason for the late filing was the technicalities involved. Mosley also took to Instagram to condemn the act urging people to change the culture of men abusing women. The lawyer even confessed to advising his clients not to make any sex tapes because the men would leak them out. Mosley also said it is morally corrupt to share these videos at the barbershop or and especially online condemning the act as morally corrupt.

After her scandal with Rob Kardashian, she was given a temporary restraining order against her ex-boyfriend around the same month the photos leaked online. A custody war ensued for their daughter Dream, but a verdict was reached after a few months. Rob was born in LA on 17th March and is a businessman and reality star. Rob has a sock line called Arthur George and has appeared in a few spinoff as well as original Keeping up with the Kardashians show.

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Plot Twist: Black Chyna Could Owe Rob Kardashian Child Support - Oh No They Didn't!

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chyna and rob dating chynna

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My friend is dating this guy, chyna and rob dating chynna she is just not that into him.

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Blac Chyna Breaks Up with 18-Year-Old YBN Almighty Jay: Looking Back at Her Dating History

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chyna and rob dating chynna