Bruce almighty and evan yahoo dating

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bruce almighty and evan yahoo dating

Yahoo Movies. Bruce Almighty stars Jim Carrey as Bruce Nolan, a “human interest” despite his popularity and the love of his girlfriend Grace (Jennifer Aniston). What different issues do you explore in "Evan Almighty," the sequel set for. Now, in the sequel, Evan Almighty, Evan prays to the Man Upstairs for his relationship with his girlfriend, Grace, (played by Jennifer Aniston). Bruce Almighty () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more is discontented with almost everything in life despite his popularity and the love of his girlfriend Grace. —[email protected] In the exchange with Evan, we see that Bruce has a lively, but dark, sense of humor and won't take anything lying down.

After all, he was the one who gave Bruce his powers, and who gave him free rein to do what he want. On the other hand, God didn't mess with free will; Bruce and the rioters CHOSE their actions, so the harm they caused was their own fault. It's like one person beating another with a baseball bat, getting arrested for assault then trying to pin blame on the owner of the shop that sold them the bat.

Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Bruce becomes one after his Character Development. He's a bit of a Jerkass at the start and has a big It's All About Me attitude, but he does want his life to go right and he does love Grace. Eventually his goodness shows through in the third act, when he helps a man push his broken-down car, resigning the anchor position to give it to Evan, and offering him sincere congratulations in the process, much to Evan's surprise.

Jizzed in My Pants: Bruce uses his powers to make his voice have this effect on Grace. Just Woke Up That Way: Grace with her new boobs. After angering a gang harassing a homeless man, Bruce runs to his car but ends up slowly trying to find the correct key which gives time for his enemies to catch up and tackle him to the ground. The thugs harass the homeless guy, beat up Bruce for telling them to go away, then smash his car window and scratch "Hero" on the door.

Kick the Son of a Bitch: Arguably Bruce using his powers to screw up Evan's first bulletin as anchorman alongside Susan. Bruce most likely sees Evan as such due to Evan plagiarizing part of his story earlier. Which is hardly surprising My will be done! It can be quite Basically what God says to Bruce as He gives him His powers. Light Is Not Good: Bruce drops to his knees in pouring rain while on a road, and is suddenly bathed in white light.

He has an Oh, Crap! Morgan Freeman is often cast in this role, but only in this movie and its sequel is it also taken literally.

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God is depicted this way. Soon after getting his powers, Bruce did this on a random woman in the street, and he saw that it was good. Subverted, when God lays down the rule that he can't mess with free will, Bruce counters with "Can I ask why?

Grace, Bruce's long-suffering girlfriend. Bruce's first act as God is to God takes Bruce to the top of Mount Everest, which he assumes is Heaven. Newly-divine Bruce gets stressed out from hearing everyone's prayers all the time, so he creates an e-mail inbox on his computer to collect and manage them.

After a night of pleasurable pleasure with his girlfriend, Bruce wakes up to find the bed in a shambles, but the duvet is still pulled up just enough to cover Bruce up to his waist. Gets even more obvious when he sits up, with his legs being exposed, and only his waist and groin covered.

The creators sure must have been enjoying themselves in the Parting of the Red Soup. Bruce pouring milk, to the theme tune of " Chariots of Fire ". Into the glasses of hungry people waiting to eat the world's largest cookie. It also helps to show that despite his dissatisfaction with his local-interest news job, he's really good at it.

Before getting to work answering the prayers of the world, Bruce says he needs to "manifest himself some coffee. Nice Guys Finish Last: Evan gets a promotion Bruce wanted and Bruce complains to his boss, essentially asking what he has to do to be more like Evan.

His boss says that nobody would want this because Bruce is a decent guy while Evan is an asshole, and Bruce basically says well based on the results he should start being an asshole, too.

So Bruce at least thinks the Nice Guys Finish Last is in effect, but mostly it just looks like Evan earned the promotion more than Bruce did. The film has no defined bad guy.

The closest thing that qualifies is probably the thugs that harass the homeless man and beat Bruce up, but Bruce deals with them pretty quickly soon after he gets his powers and they're never seen again. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: After Bruce tells the thugs to leave the homeless guy alone, he idiotically tells them to keep walking, and gets beaten up for it.

Once the thugs leave, he lampshades the trope by saying, "That's what I get for trying to help someone. In Bruce answering "Yes" to all the prayers he receives without considering the consequencesjust to get people to stop bothering him, the Sabres win the Stanley Cup and aboutpeople win the lottery.

Bruce is subject to one of these when he sees the thugs harassing the homeless guy and he tells them to leave the man alone. Bruce's new powers take on this role. In preparation for some "heavenly" lovemaking, Bruce removes his clothes minus his underwear with a single gesture.

Most of the conjuration Coffee summoning and transformation Changing clothes, transforming his car and enlarging his girlfriend's boobs takes place off-screen, presumably to avoid the infinite power of God looking like bad CGI.

Bruce when the thugs he has just warned away from the homeless man start coming towards him. Bruce when he sees he's about to crash his car into a lamppost. Bruce gets one when the rear window of his car shatters, and then when he sees Clint Eastwood's face in the mirror. The thugs that beat up Bruce have one when Bruce make a monkey come out of the leader's backside, after he falls over. Said leader has one when it happens, and then when the monkey runs after him to re-enter him.

Bruce gets another one when Jack tells him people are rioting in Buffalo outside the news building. Bruce again when he's bathed in white light on the highway and hears the horn of a truck headed right for him.

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God seems to be this. He then makes Bruce omnipotent too, aside from not being able to affect free will. There doesn't seem to be anything he can't do. We don't find out her surname Connolly until near the end of the film. Taking a pun just a bit too far. When Bruce is done testing his powers, he rushes home to Grace, and uses his powers to bring her to orgasmic bliss without even being in the same room as her.

Happens during the Mundane Made Awesome scene as Bruce runs along the line of people and pours the milk out. One of Grace's students is constantly eating arts and crafts supplies. She comments that she expects him to poop an ornament any time now. When Bruce receives his powers, he is suddenly confronted with the prayers of millions of people, which are presented in one scene as a massive layer of "Post-It" notes covering every wall and surface in his home.

He then clears the clutter by instantly converting them to an e-mail format on his computer "You've got prayers! Bruce adds new stars to the sky just by pointing, and erases them like they're on a blackboard. After Bruce gets fired from Eyewitness News, he notices the thugs harassing the homeless man, and tells them to leave the man alone, and then sincerely asks him if he's all right.

Bear in mind that Bruce is still a Jerkass at this point, and this is one of the first signs he's not completely self-centred. Bruce had this at first, mainly due to denying he actually had powers, probably meaning that God was just doing it to convince him. Once he'd accepted that he actually had powers, he had no trouble at all in controlling them. The script however had a few more scenes of the powers apparently acting on their own.

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One scene would have had Bruce shouting "Damn You! The Power of Creation: Bruce uses his powers to create many things, such as a bouquet of flowers, a spoon, a plague of locusts, and a Columbian man. Bruce uses his powers to indulge in his fair share of perversions, including: Giving Grace a mind-blowing orgasm without even touching her.

Making her boobs bigger. Causing a gust of wind to lift up a random woman's skirt. Bruce's "back to you" line on live TV. When Bruce is first talking to God in room 7, God claps his hands and the light turns off. Then he sings the little "clap on, clap off, the clapper Also Juan Valdez coffee. Rage Against the Heavens: Done in a humorous manneras quoted in the Actually Pretty Funny trope above.

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Bruce uses his powers to type at inhuman speeds in order to speed up the process of answering prayers. Many of the things Bruce does for his immediate gratification have lasting and sometimes disastrous consequences.

Pulling the moon closer to Earth causes a tsunami and a meteor impact screws up power grids. Bruce drops the prayer beads when he drives over a pothole and in taking his eyes off the road for too long, he crashes his car. At the end, Bruce drops to his knees in the middle of the highway and gets hit by a truck.

God can re-arrange the cosmos with a thought, and with His powers, so can Bruce. When Bruce tells him at the start that he needs sweeps, Jack gives him the job of reporting live on the Maid of the Mist, something Bruce clearly appreciates at first.

God claims he's giving Bruce all of his power, but it's clear at some points that Bruce doesn't have some of the required secondary powers.

For example, Bruce starts hearing all prayers, including mental ones, but he is unable to process the information with his human brain, so he solves the problem by having the prayers download to a computer so he doesn't have to listen to them. After Evan gets the anchor job Bruce wanted, Bruce uses his powers to make Evan act out on live TV in order to get him fired.

One of Bruce's complaints is that God has access to it but doesn't use it. Bruce gains access to as well, and needs to use it after he's messed everything up. With all the divine fun it's easy to forget Bruce actually commits quite a few crimes with his powers. He damages public property Making a fire hydrant explodesteals clothes from a shop, sexually harasses a woman making her skirt fly uphe assaults a thug The monkey incident and plants drugs on the reporters.

Never mind all the death and destruction caused by the tsunami and the meteor. Screw This, I'm Outta Here! When Bruce realises his answers to prayers have caused people to start riotinghe has an Oh, Crap! At the end of the movie, after having been hit by a truck and apparently going to die, Bruce meets God one more time. God asks Bruce if he wants Grace back, but Bruce admits that he wants Grace to be happyand that even if it's not with him, she deserves someone who will see her the way Bruce sees her.

In a rather literal example, one of the first things that Bruce does with his powers is to have hot sex with his girlfriend. And what does this involve? Making her have the most intense orgasms of her and probably everyone else's life, simply by saying the words "pleasure" and "pleasurable" to her, followed by some off screen screams of pleasure as they "get busy".

Bruce even lampshades the trope name in the morning when he describes the experience as "heavenly". After telekinetically being given the greatest orgasm in history, Grace pounces on Bruce, and we simply see the outside of their apartment, as their bedroom light flickers with holy power, and their moans and groans of ecstasy fill the night. Evan Baxter to Bruce, who is merely a bit of a jerkass to Bruce and "steals" according to Bruce a promotion from him as the new main news anchor of the station they work at, despite clearly having earned it.

This is enough reason for Bruce to torment him after he gains godlike powers by publically humiliating Evan on live air and in a Deleted Sceneset his hair on fire.

Bruce and the Butt-Monkey. God even says "Alrighty then" at one point in the movie, albeit more low-key than how Ace Ventura usually said it. Joan Osborne's song "One of Us" is referenced twice. First, Bruce sings the chorus when coming home and bringing Grace flowers.

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Later, as he's leaving for work, he sings an earlier part of the chorus, changing the line "Yeah, yeah, God is good Guess which old film just happens to be on the TV later on in the movie. Something Else Also Rises: Bruce suddenly spurts ketchup over his breakfast when his girlfriend asks if he thinks her boobs are bigger than they were last night.

I do not wish to fight. As he walks out onto his balcony, Bruce commands his stereo to play some romantic music. One of the film's messages is that the reason God doesn't answer a lot of prayers is because no matter what you do you can't make everyone happy, even if you have godly power.

A deleted scene delves into this more fully, showing specific people whose prayers Bruce answered, and then eventually showing that while he did make them happy in the short run, it ultimately wasn't what was best for them i.

If you want to paint pictures like these, you have to use some dark colors. This turns the Aesop into " Misery Builds Character ". You can't make people love you even if you're omnipotent. Hey kid, you know how to work one of these things? God pulls one on Bruce in the diner, suddenly appearing opposite him when he parts his soup, and saying, "Having fun?

One of Bruce's first acts of God is to part the Red Soup. The movie's Brand X version of Yahoo! Bruce uses his powers to find the body of Jimmy Hoffa. Bruce wishes people would stop sending him prayers. That's why God gives Bruce his powers in the first place; even with divine might, Bruce can't fix his problems because they're based in his own arrogance.

Bruce and Grace have 2 during the film: On Bruce's first night as God, he uses his powers to create a new breed of flowers, and to re-arrange the sky to be more romantic, before they retreat to the bedroom for some "heavenly" sex. Not a bad night in. Later, Bruce takes Grace out for dinner, where he makes Tony Bennet perform. Bruce conveniently seems to have a CD which exactly describes his situation, and it even Perhaps through divine power only plays the most relevant lines: Referencing the fact that Bruce is preparing to make passionate love to Grace.

bruce almighty and evan yahoo dating

Bruce has literally found God, as well as the path to happiness Being omnipotent. Bruce is completely in love with Grace. About the way I feel about you": Bruce never gives up trying to get Grace back when she leaves him. When Grace leaves Bruce, he is killed while at the height of his despair. Feeling depressed at a party, Bruce sets them off with his mind to get everyone out of the house.

They Plotted a Perfectly Good Waste: As noted by a lot of the other entries on this page, Bruce's life isn't quite bad enough to warrant his perception of God as a mean kid frying ants with a magnifying glass, so some of the audience lost sympathy for Bruce.

This is intentional; a key theme of the movie is that Bruce doesn't appreciate the blessings he does have, so he was supposed to come off to the audience like his responses to his problems were disproportionate to the actual scale of those problems. Bruce simply needs to will something to happen. When God finally convinces Bruce that he is talking to God by suddenly making two extra fingers appear on his right handBruce warns him to stay back, saying he will try to fight if provoked.

God throws it right back at him by saying that Bruce hasn't won a fight since Grade 5, and even that was only won because he was fighting a girl. And the sun was in her eyes.

bruce almighty and evan yahoo dating

Not only does he not know how to help people, despite having the powers of God, but he also doesn't realize that he could call up Einstein or anyone else, for that matter for advice. The only thing stopping Bruce from simply making himself smarter or, better yet, wiser, to go with the whole God schtick is that he's too stupid to come up with the idea.

In a cosmic sense, Bruce. He works at a news studio where even if his stories are in-glamorous he gets on the air on occasion, before his breakdown his boss gave him a shot at a high-profile live story and indicated there would be more if he did well on it, and when it comes to his personal life he lives in a very nice apartment with his live-in girlfriend.

He's got a great life; a couple of bad days and he believes God is picking on him. God taking a vacation resulted in the Dark Ages. Bruce's Parting of the Red Soup. Also includes localized wind and lightning, and the score suddenly swells to become reminiscent of The Ten Commandments for bonus points.

In the movie poster included on this page, Bruce has the world on a string. Bruce leans on a golden calf during the party as he surveys all he's accomplished for himself, meanwhile, everything important in his life the things he should have been worshiping instead of meaningless things is going to hell around him.

At first it appears that God and Bruce are walking in a park or some such, until a sailboat glides behind them. It's used as the first sign that Bruce truly does have the powers he was told he had, as he walks on top of a deep puddle that he had previously stepped into.

A planned scene from the script would have had Bruce struggling to get into the bath, because he keeps accidentally walking on the surface. Bruce moves the moon closer to the Earth using his powers, resulting in Grace's comment that's she's "never seen the moon that big".

Bruce also finds ways of using the powers to cause miraculous events to occur at otherwise mundane events that he covers, such as discovering the body of Jimmy Hoffaearning him his job back, and causing a meteor to harmlessly land near a Mark Twain -themed chili cook-off. Still wanting the anchor position as well as wanting to get revenge on Evan for taunting him, Bruce uses his powers to make Evan humiliate himself on air, causing Evan to be replaced in favor of Bruce as the new anchor.

bruce almighty and evan yahoo dating

After taking Grace to a fancy dinner and telling her about his promotion disappointing her, as she thought he was going to proposeBruce begins to hear voices in his head. He re-encounters God, who explains that the voices are prayers to God, and that Bruce must deal with them.

Bruce creates an e-mail system to receive prayers and respond to them - but finds that the influx is far too great for him to handle, even with the use of his powers. So he sets the program to automatically answer "Yes" to every prayer, thinking this will make everyone happy. During a party to celebrate Bruce's promotion, Susan seduces and kisses him.

bruce almighty and evan yahoo dating

When Grace arrives and sees this, she angrily storms out; Bruce follows her, but she is heartbroken and won't listen to him. He tries to use his powers to convince Grace to stay, but cannot influence her free will.

As Bruce looks around, he realizes that automatically granting everyone's prayers has plunged the city into chaos. Bruce returns to God, who explains that despite how chaotic things seem, there is always a way to make things right, and that Bruce must figure out a way to solve it himself.

Bruce then begins to solve his problems in life practically, such as helping a man whose car has broken down, potty training his dog properly, and allowing Evan to have his job back. Bruce returns to his computer system, having briefly unplugged it, and he finds many prayers from Grace about Bruce. As he reads them, another prayer from Grace arrives, this one wishing not to be in love with Bruce anymore.