Borderlands 2 roland and lilith dating after divorce

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borderlands 2 roland and lilith dating after divorce

Lilith plays a noticeable role as NPC in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. After the opening of the Vault and the defeat of General Knoxx, Lilith and Roland traveled . She mehmet akif alakurt dating after divorce had a leading role as. Sıla series with Mehmed II adult online dating reviews in Turkish series Fatih. Babinger. Has anyone else noticed that Lilith makes multiple comments about /r/ Borderlands2 accepts non-text posts. my boyfriend" meaning Roland, since the next mission is saving him. Which would imply that she is dating Lilith.

But business has been awful since she got to Pandora, so a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do: Until one day she gets screwed over by a bandit gang and gets captured, but is unintentionally freed.

But a complication arises that may put their holiday plans in jeopardy. After encountering another siren named Maya, She is dragged into the conflict with Handsome Jack while the forces of Dahl scheme in the background. While discovering why she has been brought back to life. Is mainly Adventure with some Romance. Unknowingly, one of the daughters Sheya Maverick sets off to find her missing sister Tabithawho has disappeared from New Haven days earlier.

Leaving an ECHO trail of her where about's, bandits are on a mad pursuit for the millions promised for bringing their corpses in. He has powers to achieve his goals, but at what cost? If only the Gemini Corporation weren't so conniving… Rated: Friendship, purpose, and more blooms in the most unlikely of places.

How will this change the story we all know and love? T because Borderlands and may change to M if I'm feeling really pervy by the time I hit a certain point Rated: Naturally, children shouldn't be buying ammo anyways but by that point in the game, most ammo cost several hundred dollars.

So only the richest of children can afford them anyways. This gets especially hilarious in True Vault Hunter Mode or Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, where one stack of ammo can equal half or a whole year's salary for an adult.

Borderlands 2 / Fridge - TV Tropes

The opening song alludes to Pandora being no place for a hero. While this foreshadows the death of Roland as he is the only unquestionably heroic character in the game, it also foreshadows the death of Jack, the only person to directly refer to himself as a hero Angel refers to the Vault Hunters as heroes, but they never directly acknowledge it. A small one spanning both games, but one of the reasons that, on Earth, the largest land animal is the elephant is because of the square-cube law.

By this logic everything from Crawmerax to Terramorphous to Vermivorous should not be able to exist, let alone be so damn hard to put down. However, in the first game, it's stated that you don't suffer fall damage because of the lower gravity of Pandora, which explains why such ridiculously large creatures can not only exist, but thrive on the planet; the gravity is so low here that they can grow to that size. When Mordecai goes berserk following Bloodwing's death he begins raining shells down on the enemy that one-shot kill anything they hit with a huge explosion.

What gun is he using, and why wasn't he using it before? He's using the Cobra, a monstrously powerful explosive sniper rifle from Borderlands 1, and he hadn't been using it before then because, by its lack of inclusion in the game, it's probably the only one of its model left intact and he didn't want to break or lose it.

Tiny Tina later built copies of the gun after seeing what Mordecai was able to do with it, but hasn't built very many, accounting for its extremely low drop rate in the DLC. Additionally, Mordecai seems to be sniping more for entertainment than effectiveness up to then - in Tundra Express, he's just doing target practice to keep his eye in, and in the Preserve, he's sure Bloodwing can look after herself and is more cautious than genuinely worried.

Up until his Berserk Button is pressed, anyway. The reason there aren't any more original-model Cobras is that they were manufactured by Torgue in the first game. Mister Torgue, as the company gunsmith he designed all those weapons himself after allis the sort of Hot-Blooded Boisterous Bruiser who would decide that sniping wasn't as badass because it lacked the in-your-face thrill of shotguns He's decided that sniping bores him, so he isn't going to encourage it by building sniper rifles, even if their bullets explode.

Why do they carry Vladof weapons? And why does nearly every enemy, from bandits to marshals to Hyperion soldiers carry a Vladof rifle at times?

Because AKs are often shown in media as "bad guy" guns, are cheap, easy to maintain, and both the rifles and amminition are ridiculously common. The Vladof corporation are shown fighting Dahl's private army in their advertisement.

Given that Hyperion is the main "corporate oppressor" in-game, why Dahl? First off, Vladof loves fast rate of fire and full-auto, while Dahl prefers slow rates and burst fire. And more importantly, Vladof makes assault rifles based on the AK family. Dahl rifles seem to be built off the M16 and its variants. And who was the M16's biggest rival again? These do not show up in your backpack and have no importance to the plot. So why are you collecting them? In Borderlandsit seemed odd that the city of Sanctuary named "Sanctuary" of all things, when it spends the entire game being terrorized by bandits and Crimson Lance.

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Because it sets up for the sequel, where New Haven, the main city in the first game, has been subjugated by Hyperion, and the heroes find sanctuary in -- you guessed it -- Sanctuary. An instance that counts as both brilliance and horror is Tina's characterization. Kids sometimes really talk like that, but only if the overwhelming majority of people they know talked like that around them during their formative years. Given that she lives next to the bandits that include her parents' killer among their number and she is only just growing past the "impressionable" stage, she literally owes every last horrible moment of her life and personality to these guys.

Moxxi keeps insisting that Ellie lose some weight and Ellie resenting her for this, but Moxxi does have a reason - she used to date Motor Momma and Moxxi dumped MM due to being disturbed by her cannibalism. Notice something unusual about the Bandit mask?

The mouth-piece looks like an air purifier. And there's a crapton of bandits with zero personal hygiene living near each other, with old blood and dirt on the clothes they wear every day, soooooo Sure, Rakkman was denounced as insane by his fellow bandits, and it's implied that they kicked him out into the Fridge, a very hostile environment, just so they couldn't be near him anymore.

After battling Laney White in a sidequest, you can shoot and loot your way through a giant concrete bunker with lots of rooms, like something out of an WW2 Eastern Front battlefield or Captain America: But once you get to a large cave in the complex, there are no Rats in there at all, just Rakkman. And as the Rats are also bandits, it implies that they also stuffed him into an isolated room so they wouldn't have to deal with him either!

The reason Maya, unlike Lilith and Angel, isn't able to use eridium to enhance herself is actually due to the fact that she wasn't on Pandora or in its orbit when the Destroyer was killed. There's also the simple possibility that Maya never attempted it in the first place because she keeps seeing all the negative side effects of Sirens using eridium.

The music in Sawtooth Cauldron is very frightening, to the point where hearing a gunfight start is actually good. But why choose it for that particular area, and not places like the Eridium Blight, the Fridge or the Bloodshot Stronghold?

Well, if you look at the landscape for a while, the place somehow resembles Vietnam's battlefieldswhich were, by all accounts, a very nightmarish and terrifying environment. There are also more Buzzards in there than any other map, and Vietnam was famous for having attack helicopters fill the skies daily.

And finally, the big-ass creek section for Brick's flag sidequest has multiple Buzzards coming at you, a very common sight for North Vietnamese soldiers. Well, if you wielded a fancy unique gun as your primary weapon, that also makes extremely annoying noises when you use it to kill anything that moves for several weeks, you'd probably go mad from all that irritating screaming. Marcus offers only a bare handful of side missions, and the rewards he offers for them are usually pretty lame: He only offers two unique items, the Lucrative Opportunity and the the Evil Smasher.

The former is a special relic that shortens the item respawn timers on vending machines, and the latter is mostly a Joke Item with a small, random chance to suddenly become a Lethal Joke Item for one magazine. If played straight, Marcus' quests largely aren't worth the effort. Marcus is The Scrooge. He isn't going to give away good merchandise if he can help it. This is also why, when your allies are handing you weapons in Sanctuary to kick Handsome Jack's ass, the blue-quality rifle Marcus gives you is obsolete by a few levels: Of the two pieces of unique loot that Marcus offers, the Evil Smasher is explicitly a crap gun he cobbled together to con a out-of-towner out of two million bucks.

Since it was already paid for, it's no surprise he lets you keep it. The other one, the Lucrative Opportunity, instead encourages you to visit vending machines. In the Arms Dealing mission, Zed points out that one of the arms "musta belonged to a seamstress or somethin'; you can tell from the metatarsels sic. But of course it does.

Borderlands 2: Roland's Death(Lilith Kidnapped)

Every facet of Pandoran life has to be improvised in some way, and greasy foods account for a large part of the average diet. Lilith's likely having to substitute used cooking grease for styling gel. The same grease was probably used to cook olives and fried pickles. When they complete and pick up the voice modulator, each Vault Hunter has a unique response to hearing their voice turned into Handsome Jack's Krieg hates Jack so much for making him what he is that he will immediately abandon his No Indoor Voice tendencies for days on end rather than listen to Handsome Jack's voice coming out of his mouth.

The logic of the weapon manufacturers and what they make: They don't make sniper rifles, because Pandora's bandits are pretty consistently Ax-Crazy Blood Knights who are largely incapable of the kind of long-distance focus and discipline required to use a sniper rifle effectively, but they make everything else, because bandits are an individualistic lot and don't take kindly to being told they can't have the kind of gun they want.

They make pistols, SMGs, sniper rifles and assault rifles - pretty straightforward military gear, but precise military gear. Dahl prizes accuracy and minimal collateral damage above all else, which is why you can only burst fire when aiming down sights - and why they don't make equipment that hurls fragments of metal everywhere or guns that create huge explosions even the Grenadier has a pretty small blast radius.

The primary Dahl multi-target weapons are Bouncing Betty grenade variants - which are mostly emergency panic buttons for when cleaning an entire room quickly is necessary. No assault rifles or rocket launchers. Hyperion weapons are designed largely for the idiosyncratic Hyperion corporate culture - in which being, or at least seeming to be, smart and ruthless, is better than simply appearing strong.

borderlands 2 roland and lilith dating after divorce

Additionally, the Hyperion proprietary stabiliser - the reason their accuracy goes up as you fire - is an extremely awkward fit for a rocket launcher, given their low rate of fire and bottom-of-the-barrel ammo count. No rocket launchers or SMGs, entirely for aesthetic reasons - the generation of weapons Jakobs takes its inspiration from isn't noted for having either.

Mehmet akif alakurt dating after divorce

No assault rifles or shotguns. Maliwan build weapons to make their designers feel clever. This means either weapons that are precise pistols, sniper rifles or weapons that let them push the boundaries with their tech - rocket launchers as a power level and blast radius test, submachine guns as a speed test.

Assault rifles aren't a new experiment, they're just big submachine guns, and shotguns don't make them feel smart, because they're a weapon with a lot of scatter and very little precision Mr.

Torgue's obsession with shotguns would not help the case of any would-be Maliwan shotgun designer in 2. No assault rifles or sniper rifles. Tediore don't make guns for the military - they make guns for ordinary citizens to use cheaply in home defense and possibly hunting for food, for which an assault rifle would be considered overkill in most of the more civilised areas and especially in Hyperion-controlled ones, that would likely clamp down very hard on unauthorised gun ownership ; rocket launchers are panic buttons, probably aimed at people in areas with particularly hostile wildlife.

The sniper rifle's problem would be the Tediore explosive construction - unless you have the strongest throwing arm in your galaxy, at sniper rifle ranges, your discarded gun is unlikely to hit anything even semi-reliably, and in a military context you're likely to be grenading your own men. No submachine guns or sniper rifles. Torgue's aversion to long-ranged fire has already been discussed in other fridge entries, explaining the sniper rifles; as for submachine guns, Mr.

Torgue's obsession with "bigger" and "louder" means that even if you told him to design a submachine gun, he would immediately ignore the "sub-" and give you a full-on minigun along the lines of a Spitter.

borderlands 2 roland and lilith dating after divorce

No shotguns or submachine guns. Vladof take a very simple and direct approach to designing guns, meaning that they'd likely dismiss submachine guns as lacking in impact compared to assault rifles, and shotguns' low ammo counts would not fit well with the Vladof rapid-fire approach.

When asked about it, Salvador's only reaction is to find the idea "awesome". It would be logical for an angry midget complexed about his short height to dislike being the inspiration for a group of Dwarves, but on the other hand The three sirens we see ingame all have powers that match their personality. Lilith is powerful and confident, but also reckless and impulsive, and tends to charge into things without thinking, which ends up causing her quite a few problems over the course of the game.

Fittingly, Phasewalk is an ability that allows her to charge into combat and tear enemies up, with the risk of leaving her in a bad position after she returns to normal, or it can act as a crutch to escape from enemies if she's gotten herself into trouble.

In Maya's ECHO logs, it is shown that she refused to hurt someone without first trying to analyse the situation and get context on why she's being asked to hurt them, but once she realises what's happening, she shuts down the corrupt priest who raised her and kills him without a second thought. Fittingly, Phaselock allows her to lock enemies down and gain some breathing room to analyse the situation and decide what to do next, and allows her to immobilise enemies for an easy kill once she's acquired her target.

Angel has been locked up, abused and pumped full of Eridium for years on end by Handsome Jack, and wants nothing more than to escape his grasp. The devs stated on record that Angel's siren power is to create alternate realities, and that the original plan was to meet her in a house that she'd simulated with her power. She wants to escape her prison, and her power allows her to do it, at least temporarily. Why are there so few women on Pandora as compared to men?

Several possibilities, some more horrifying than others. Most likely, the bandits target them for kidnapping more often, for fairly obvious and horrifying reasons. In one of his ECHO logs, Handsome Jack chews out his assassins for murdering random women and doodling tattoos on them to turn in as "Sirens". Not that he has any moral standards, just that he's irritated they're trying to swindle him with such an obvious ruse, seeing as how there are only six Sirens in the universe and he already knows of three.

He even says "I will admit it was mildly amusing the first dozen times you idiots tried it, but now my office smells like blood and marker fumes". Yeah, even though we can all agree that Rape Is a Special Kind of Evilbeing murdered and basically having your corpse sold off as a faked alien isn't much better. Or, it could just be because the "criminals that would make good unskilled laborers" demographic is predominately male.

Interestingly enough, Episode 3 of Tales from the Borderlands has a female bandit as part of Vallory's hit squad, who unsuccessfully searches for Rhys and Fiona in the beginning. The Lab Rats' eyes have mutated so that something is strangely otherworldly about their eyes. They can project strange energy from their eyes, and they can also see something that has driven them quite insane. If you're playing Maya, when you Phaselock them, they see it more. Now, Siren powers are all based on phasing things into another dimension.

They're seeing into another dimension The same one that Sirens can access, which may be where The Destroyer is from. Why does Gaige scream in pain while under the effect of elemental damage?

Whose arm is it? How he got it is another question entirely. What if Krieg's inner voice isn't unique to him? What if every psycho you fight has their own inner voice begging them to stop trying to kill you, and is silenced by your bullets? The Hyperion Morningstar sniper rifle berates the player in the tone of a shrill, crabby old woman.

Where did Handsome Jack get the idea and tone for this firearm? To Grandmother's House We Go suggests his grandmother was extremely cruel and abusive to him. About the lucky one you know he is a boy i would approve you dating I think he is. Je najbolji turski model. Find this Pin and more on Vision Board by.

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