Beth phoenix and cm punk dating

Who Has CM Punk Dated? | CM Punk Dating History with Photos

beth phoenix and cm punk dating

This list of CM Punk's girlfriends and exes includes Beth Phoenix, Lita, A.J. Mendez and fellow WWE wrestler CM Punk started dating in September , and. Beth Phoenix dominated the WWE womens scene from up until CM Punk to her, after all it is technical wrestling which Punk is most passionate about. and it was confirmed soon after that the pair were indeed dating. RAW superstar CM Punk is said to be unhappy in WWE and is considering leaving the company when his contract expires later this year. Punk.

Before settling down with WWE Diva AJ Lee, Punk was quite the womanizer—particularly at the beginning of his career, when he was toiling around in the independent circuits. At one point or another, he seemed to be romantically linked to just about every female wrestler.

She is the queen of "the selfie" and her social media accounts are filled with scantily clad pictures of herself not that there's anything wrong with that. Herrig is actually not a professional wrestler or Diva, as she is a mixed martial artist, currently signed with the UFC. On the MMA Roasted podcast, comedian and self-proclaimed sleaze-ball Adam Hunter asked Herrig if she had been hooking up with Punk, and she did not deny it.

Why Beth Phoenix Was Drafted To RAW: Dating CM Punk

She also did not seem to have any animosity towards him. She quickly made a name for herself with her sexy wrestling persona, performing raunchy stripteases for the crowd.

beth phoenix and cm punk dating

She started working with Punk at the beginning of her career. Part of their storyline together was that she liked him, much to the chagrin of her then boyfriend Mike Knox and she's been linked to CM Punk. Kelly has since married former Montreal Canadiens defenseman Sheldon Souray. She was also briefly married to Rich Ward, a bandmate of wrestler Chris Jericho.

beth phoenix and cm punk dating

She was first introduced to the world of professional wrestling by her brother, Steve Corino, a veteran of the wrestling world who was working for Extreme Champion Wrestling at the time. Punk also helped train Danger. When he walked away from WWE back inhis story made wrestling worldwide news and he has been stuck in the spotlight ever since.

That being said, AJ's loyalty has never been in question.

15 Things You Need To Know About CM Punk's Diva Hookups

But it seems that CM Punk is the one that has the relationship problems. His various relationships with a big part of the WWE's female roster has given him a reputation backstage and has also lead to many fans thinking that the marriage between himself and AJ is not going to last. The couple looks perfect from the outside, but there have been many stories about them behind closed doors and many stories about CM Punk's personal life that give these rumours a lot more credibility.

It seems that Punk's personal life has become one of the most talked about topics in WWE. Here are 15 stories about the self-proclaimed 'Best in The World' that may have not yet been confirmed, but could well be true when it comes to the women he has allegedly 'hooked-up' with.

It seems that the duo had a short fling while they were both travelling with WWE but it wasn't one that lasted very long or proved to have any kind of mark on the lives of these former WWE employees.

They have since moved forward and married other people. When the duo debuted in ECW together, there was a storyline involving the pair that saw Kelly Kelly attempting to gain Punk's attention while already being in a relationship with Mike Knox. This didn't work out for the pair and instead, they embarked on a real-life romance that much like many of Punk's previous romantic links, didn't last very long at all.

Kelly had a reputation in WWE one that was certainly unflattering for the young Diva and is thought to have been in relationships with a number of WWE wrestlers. And it seems CM Punk has just become another name on that list. Kelly is now married to former professional hockey player, Sheldon Souray.