Ashish sharma and archana taide dating advice

Ashish Sharma and Archana Taide

ashish sharma and archana taide dating advice

TV actor Ashish Sharma, who is known for essaying the role of Lord Ram in the hit TV show Siya Ke Ram, is head-over-heels in love with his wife Archana Taide. Hussain and Tina started dating in college and got married in . Gain Fast · Vastu Tips For Main Door · How to Get Pregnant · Diabetes Home Remedies. Sanaya-Irani-Ashish-Sharma-in-Colors-TV-serial-Rangrasiya Ashish's wife, actor Archana Taide says, "He had a bacterial infection and high. Ashish Sharma's wife Archana Taide is very fond of animals. Their Instagram Ashish proposed Archana directly for marriage, not for dating.

A man with a good heart. The aura around him was positive and pure. Since the time I met him, he used to pamper me like anything. I got attracted to his simplicity and loving nature. Ashish — Our wavelengths and values matched. Archana — Ashish had proposed in January itself, but I took my own time to decide.

ashish sharma and archana taide dating advice

His marriage proposal kept playing in my mind. Ashish — She called me in the middle of the night and told me to talk to my parents. We knew we were getting into something substantial.

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Was the transition from lovers to becoming life partners smooth? Archana — Yes, the transition was very smooth indeed, because when we were lovers we were best friends and even after getting married we are still best friends. Ashish — We were never lovers per say. We were best friends and still are.

We keep falling in love all over again with each other. What makes your relationship work? Archana — First and foremost, honesty. We believe that a happy marriage is about three things: Ashish — We talk and discuss about every thought that crosses our mind. Transparency and communication are most important in any relationship.

We are brutally honest with each other. That makes our relationship work. Does marriage in any way push the friendship out of the window? Archana — Not at all. We are best friends even after getting married.

ashish sharma and archana taide dating advice

One thing you like about each other and one thing you dislike? Archana — Ashish is a very liberal man. He always encourages me to pursue my dreams. Meet Ashish Sharma and Archana Taide, among the real life power couples in the television industry today.

And if you thought they were a good-looking pair then wait till you get a sample of their compatibility! So tell us, how did you meet?

Was it love at first sight? We met through a common director friend, Gautam Nagrath.

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For me, it was love at first sight. Yes, it was in Baroda, right in the middle of a jungle! Both of us were shooting for our respective shows, and our mutual friend, a director, introduced us.

My goals are his goals, he will always help me grow both professionally and personally. In fact, I feel proud that the world desires him and he is mine forever. All our fans have loved us unconditionally, indeed we feel blessed.

I feel very happy when, seeing us as a couple, our fans say that they believe in true love. Who proposed to whom? We were in long distance relationship during our courtship period.

In all his scenes he used to give bare body shots and I used to find it very hot and sexy.

Real life couple Ashish Sharma and Archana Taide

In this area I am more fortunate because she is a master in giving surprises. Last birthday party during Jhalak was the best I needed that breather during the entire hectic schedule, she just knows how to do it. Archana-when I had signed a new show. Ashish had prepared a candle light dinner for me and after having 2 glasses of wine he proposed me.

Real-life couple Ashish Sharma and Archana Taide spill the beans

According to him professional life sort ho gayi thi so why not sort personal life too. Ashish- Archana is almost a dream machine she sees almost dreams every night and she even remembers all of them.

Archana- Ashish is very lazy. And he does talk a lot but only in front of his friends.