Are ramin and sierra dating

Who is Sierra Boggess dating? Sierra Boggess boyfriend, husband

are ramin and sierra dating

Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess photos, news and gossip. Find out more about. Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess in the vlog “Going Bridal.”. People have shipped Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess AKA “Rierra,” when they were both the leads in “Love Never Dies,” despite that Karimloo is married with two boys. If you watch YouTube videos of Karimloo. The two actors also played a married couple in the Off-Broadway musical Love Never Dies and neither does Sierra Boggess and Ramin.

She is responsible for her life, she is responsible for the fact that she chose Raoul, and she's realised that she is responsible for their lives. I think when you realise this as a person then you can get profoundly sad. In the second act when she does sing, it suddenly brings that great joy in her. It's a major change for the Phantom, because circumstances have changed for him. It's pretty much a turn.

Ramin Karimloo And Sierra Boggess Talk LOVE NEVER DIES

What was his yin is his yang now, from darkness to light. He's back in the place where as a child he was chastised and beaten, he is now celebrated. That must completely change this guy's psychological behaviour.

This character, there's so many different interpretations, people perceive him by watching him let alone playing him. I believe he is a product of social conditions, I don't think he's a natural-born killer; I've played in younger because I am younger so I've got to honour that truth, and I like him being more contemporary. I've got this beautiful mind yet no one will see it for what it is, they don't see the beauty underneath which is one of the themes of the show.

So even though society celebrates him for his genius which for someone who's hidden away for so long, although it's a positive change it's still not right with him. Obviously people who come to see the show have certain expectations of how the characters should be played. I get quite passionate about that. Why should they stay the same? What story are we going to tell if they're the same?

Just go and see the first one. I'd like anyone to look at their lives 10 years prior to the day they think of this. How different are they? Look at what life is given them over the last 10 years.

Take these extraordinary circumstances - they can't be the same people. They just can't be. As an actor I wouldn't want to play that same story in a different scenario.

I've just done it for two years. They have to be different, and they are. You have to honour what happened, choices Christine and the Phantom would have made in their lives, all those repercussions. Let it be known that Sierra is nodding! There was so much talk about the show prior to opening, did you feel any kind of pressure? We know better than to allow that in. This piece means too much to too many people, first of all Andrew Lloyd Webberand so we have a responsibility as actors to tell the story and that's all we are in control of and it becomes an exercise in controlling what you can control.

What we can control is when you get on stage and we said to each other that that's the safest place we can be. The media does what it tells. There are bloggers and reviewers and there are people whose job it is to read all that stuff and go through and see what they want to take from it, but that can't be our job. I believe in the story too much, especially the journey that the Phantom and Christine go on. It's too personal to me to want to mess with it so I just wouldn't allow myself to have that pressure that you could put on yourself.

Well, it is my job to read all of it, and before opening night I was thinking I hope they're not reading all the hype, so I'm glad to find out that you weren't! Well, that's it, you just said it was before we opened, so how can they be so passionate?

How can they feel such passionate hatred for something? If they use their resources and energy for something useful, think of what could have happened.

Rierra - Ramin Karimloo & Sierra Boggess

It's a piece of art. In the fairytale language, some people enjoy "and they lived happily ever after". The prince and the princess get married, they live happily ever after.

Some people like to know and will think about what happens after that happily ever after. Andrew and the creators of the show wanted to know what happened afterwards. So the people who got upset, I imagine, were the people who were thinking no, just leave them alone! I don't want to know what happens! I don't want to think about it!

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This piece is not a a fantasy. It isn't what is the Phantom, is he human? This piece is making us look at them as people. Like Andrew has said, in the first one they are sort of two-dimensional characters. There are so many dimensions to these characters because we are choosing to explore them from the heart of who they are and 10 years later.

When you were playing the part originally, did you ever think what might happen to them? Even when I was Raoul, inI remember as the show finished every night I never thought as I was punting away with Christine we were about to live happily ever after. What you say about a fairytale is totally spot on, because there's no villain in this piece, and if there is a happy ending you get rid of him at the end.

People like to blame Raoul and I think he gets such a bad rap. He's a good guy. Yes, he's turned into this gambler and this drunk, but at the heart of him it's because she isn't able to give him everything he wants. It's neither of their faults, they're just mismatched people, they fell in love with the beauty of one another.

are ramin and sierra dating

They were young, they were overcome with that, just the excitement of each other, but at the heart of it, what the Phantom and Christine had, there wasn't that. Everyone is just trying to do the best job they can. You can't fault him for turning to drinking and gambling. It's not because he's a jerk.

There's a cancer in this relationship. If you are in a relationship where something's not right, and you're almost forcing it to work, that could lead you to just numb the pain. Or use prescription painkillers.

I think Raoul is a much more sympathetic character in this than in the original. He gets it, after the bar. He realises, in a roundabout way, that he's doing the same thing to Christine as the Phantom was doing. And how much of the Phantom — the unhappy, disfigured, misunderstood composer — is Lloyd Webber himself? I would ask, but he didn't agree to an interview. And anyway, if he had, how do you ask someone: It is called Love Never Dies and it opens in London next week.

It is a rubbish title but, as a lover of Phantom 1, I beg my way into rehearsals to investigate. Everyone, according to the smiling PR, has moved on. She has a son, who will probably be screwed up, because his mother is only a cipher.

The Phantom, meanwhile, is slightly more socially presentable: Before I arrive, I contact some phantom obsessives.

They Keep Coming Back! Onstage Couples Who Have Stayed Together From Show to Show

They call themselves "phans": They are the reason there are currently five Phantoms touring the US and one based permanently in Las Vegas. Three days before previews begin, I watch a woman on stage at the Adelphi theatre, dressed as a fluttering peacock, with a 3ft-high head-dress.

Actors sit in the stalls, drinking coffee and staring at the stage in the mindless way of geese. Andre Ptaszynski, the producer, wears a long, black coat.

Let’s talk about “Rierra!”

He gives me a drink and gulps one down himself. Why, I ask, is the show so successful? I have always understood why women love the Phantom: But I never thought about why men might. Ptaszynski believes that if a man with half a face can win Christine, then any man can. Lloyd Webber can — and did.

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He married the original Christine, Sarah Brightman; he wrote the role for her. But the Phantom, I point out, is a psychopath. In part one, he kills two people, including an opera singer. And she complained about the ending, because Christine went off with the appalling Raoul.

It just wasn't that kind of relationship. Frederick Forsyth wrote a novel, The Phantom in Manhattan, to inspire him, but that didn't work for Lloyd Webber musically. Then Ben Elton, undaunted by the car crash that is We Will Rock You, produced a treatment, and Lloyd Webber wrote a score, which his cat Otto deleted by sitting on his computer. So he rewrote the score and it became Love Never Dies, although cats do.

are ramin and sierra dating

Heroic bores never die As I sit in the stalls waiting for an aria, Jack O'Brien, the director, appears. I ask him why we love the hideous Phantom. May I have a less obsequious answer please? We like civilised danger.

The Phantom is big on white roses. If he ever gets bored of playing with dry ice, he should probably become a florist. I go upstairs, past chattering chorus girls too bright and colourful for real life, to have a word with the appalling Raoul.