Are penn badgley and blake lively dating 2011

Who is Blake Lively dating? Blake Lively boyfriend, husband

are penn badgley and blake lively dating 2011

Alas, he and Blake Lively weren't meant to bebut, as Mickey Rapkin learns, Penn For six seasons on the CW's Gossip Girl, Penn Badgley's Dan Humphrey, But dating a coworker can be problematic, especially when the. Many famous women have dated Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley, and this list will give you Zoë Kravitz and Penn Badgley dated from July to June Gossip Girl costars Penn Badgley and Blake Lively were in a secret relationship. Blake Lively may be a married woman now, but before Ryan Kelly Blatz · Penn Badgley · Ryan Gosling · Leonardo DiCaprio · Ryan Reynolds.

Kelly Blatz, Blake's least-famous beau, whom she dated for three years before landing her lead role on Gossip Girl. Penn Badgleywhom Lively dated for three years before officially ending the relaysh in Babe continued climbing the A-list ladder.

15 Secrets Behind Leonardo DiCaprio And Blake Lively’s Brief Relationship

Leonardo DiCaprio, whom Blake dated for a mere five months, but the two enjoyed a luxe summer romance—jetting off to Australia and yachting in Monte Carlo.

But the sexy pair didn't last—Leo's hot and heavy with his latest bombshell GFand Blake's one-upped the model lover himself.

Ryan ReynoldsBlake's current and hottest boyfriend of the four, whom Blake's been linked to since October.

are penn badgley and blake lively dating 2011

The duo met on set while filming Green Latern and have been going strong ever since Blake split with Leo. So there ya have it, Awful readers, Blake's entire dating history according to her, of course in one tiny item.

4 people Blake Lively dated before she met husband Ryan Reynolds

But perhaps we shouldn't be so hard on Blakey. After all, gal is drop-dead gorgeous, and who wouldn't jump at the opportunity to date ab-tastic Ryan Reynolds? But we can't help but fess it seems rather unlikely we've seen all of Blake's relationships played out in public. Regardless of whether we caught Blake in a fib, the gal did reveal her perfect date night, which is much more low-key than you may guess: A shot of them embracing at a luxurious bash on the floating palace that had powerhouses like Robert DeNiro hanging out was the first clue the stars had gotten together.

This beggars a bit of speculation: Both were available, so the timing may have come into play. Getting caught up in the glamor of the moment, it just might have made sense at the time.

are penn badgley and blake lively dating 2011

The gorgeous city on the water is famous for its charming canals, stunning architecture, and is basically an open-air art museum in its own right. Neither half of the couple look terribly happy while soaring around via water taxi in the ancient city. If faces do not lie, theirs are saying that there were bumping waters ahead for the relationship. Who was unhappy with whom? Rumors claim that it was DiCaprio who ended the relationship, but nothing has ever been confirmed either way.

Yes, it may seem that jet-setting superstars should restrict themselves to remote Italian villas, exclusive tropical islands or members-only private ski runs for their public outings, but it turns out that DiCaprio and Lively had enough childhood spirit left within them to go out on the town together in Disneyland.

What united them in their love for such stomping grounds? Whatever the case, this trip to the House of Mouse made headlines, but also may give insight into an element of their bond.

are penn badgley and blake lively dating 2011

Was there a wee bit of less-than-mature puppy love going on? Did they both feel so magical themselves, they needed to be with their fellow pixies and wizards? If there is a case to be made that the Disneyland trip did indeed reflect the impulsive nature of their union, it may also be a clue as to why it burned out so quickly. Yep, these cute furry marsupials seemed to have briefly been the apple of both stars' eyes.

Blake Lively Boyfriends Who Is She Dating Now?

Continuing their ontinent-hopping during their exceedingly short-lived relationship, the two A-listers pranced around Down Under on an Australian excursion.

Now, this is an outing that makes a lot more sense for the private jet crowd. Where other couples may be spotted at VIP nightclubs, red carpets and major charity events, here again we see these two cute kids doing something positively not adult. To be honest, it is kind of refreshing. Seeing two young-at-heart living legends being able to be that childlike is heartwarming. But of course, scenes as beautiful and carefree as this rarely last too long in Hollywood.