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Provisions made for Anne and Grace in Cromwell's will, dated 12 July , were Hough (–73/74) who was Cromwell's agent in Chester from Oct 2, And Usher put on a brave face in the wake of the explosive accusations as he took his wife Grace Miguel out for an ice cream date in Los. Chester, Grace and Me: Revisiting a Murder That Won't Die . and testified that Chester was merely a friend and their only date was an outing on a local lake From the events I did attend though, I was an usher for the Herkimer performances.

However I could not use it at the public library because the library had a rule in place primarily to curb people from misusing it. Even in those days people were misusing social media. I eventually learned that the library up at Herkimer College was open to the public and I started going up there the following year to use Myspace.

It was while I was getting started in the world of social media that I first discovered YouTube. I signed up for my YouTube account under the username Blackcatloner on October 30, which is pretty easy to remember because the day before that is my anniversary at work. So as of OctoberI will have been making videos on YouTube for nine years. Now ironically, I was not originally planning to make videos being I did not have either a video camera or Internet access especially since I was operating out of the public library in H-town.

Then turned into and I ended my run on Yahoo when I decided to launch my Blackcatloner website in March of that year. I originally had it on Blogger along with my Gillette blog until when I exported the Blackcatloner site to WordPress where it has been ever since. In the meantime, I started becoming addicted to watching YouTube videos and eventually it dawned on me that maybe I should be making videos. Safety as an influence for my YouTube career when I eventually started making videos.

When I first started doing videos, I uploaded my videos through a site called onetruemedia. That while I still did not have a video camera, I ended up successfully uploading the first cat montage video to YouTube on January 5, I went on to upload a total of twenty-one cat montages while at the same time, I got my first video camera for my thirtieth birthday. I managed to film some live cat videos for the Internet while biding my time when I would eventually reveal myself on YouTube.

And I am probably gonna get some flak for this but deal with it. No matter what I thought of the movie, with that minute and a half video I finally made the transition from blogging to YouTube. Although the Indiana Jones vlog did not get a lot of hits, I followed it up with what is by far my most popular video to date: All of the characters were dressed provocatively with cleavage showing which remains a trademark for a lot of female YouTubers to this day.

I ended up using the Librarian one because I felt at the time that it would be the easiest one to do. I actually did the video with a flashback-type storyline played primarily for laughs. It started with me sitting at the computer in my living room at the time before cutting to the Librarian LisaNova clips.

The portions with me in the library was actually shot in the gift shop at the Herkimer County Historical Society and I know it does not really match up but at least for my purposes it worked out for the best. And it was pretty well-received and like I said to this date it is my most popular video on YouTube with nearly 10, hits.

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But keep in mind I was just starting out at the time but as far as I went, I was technically too far behind the rest of the elite YouTubers because while I was starting out on YouTube with slightly primitive equipment and Windows Movie Maker, the elite YouTubers were upgrading their videos to high definition and widescreen.

It took me a while to do that but as time went on, I was able to figure out how to render my videos in HD using Movie Maker and I did a video on that too. It got quite a bit of hits, but I ended up taking the video down because I do admit the video quality was bad and I was using a really shitty headset mic which made my voice sound all garbled.

It was a site where YouTubers could interact with each other and do live shows. My only outing doing a live show was kind of a disaster. I had tried to do another one later on but I either cancelled due to lack of nerves or bad timing.

Personally I think it is better just to do videos. As a result, I ended up starting the Black Cat Weekly news series. We see the monumental sites, go to the museums, eat in the best restaurants. I'm that guy now! In the past I'd do what I have to do and get on the bus to the next city.

Life has become a vacation. Usher inspires her just as much: In an Instagram post on Father's Day she shared a quote about Usher that read, "When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives means the most to us we often find it is those who, instead of giving advice, solutions or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender hand.

A photo posted by Gracie enmemetemps on May 9, at 4: Not only does she share an abundance of photos of her pup on Instagram, but she also helps raise people's spirits by sharing adorable photos of animals, too.

She's a fan of other boss bitches like herself: She's had bad blood with Usher's ex: During the rough custody battle between Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Foster, the singer revealed during the trial that Foster spit on Miguel for showing up at her house. Foster admitted to the incident, saying, "I was very upset.

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I said, 'You don't bring your mistress'—I probably said a few other words, choice words—'Do not bring her to my house. She is constantly promoting artists and their work: She is a big fan of abstract artwork, continuously sharing pieces from various artists. She seeks encouragement from inspirational quotes and makes sure to share that with her friends and followers. It promised to be the trial of the century and the crowds as well as the press that converged on the small town were not disappointed.

Herkimer was clearly not ready for the type of media circus that they hosted another sensational trial as well as execution some twenty years earlier: The trial of Roxalana Druse who was found guilty of murdering her abusive husband. The city reporters tended to fabricate stories to sell papers and their time in Herkimer was no exception.

At one point, they even dressed up in old clothes and pretended to be a lynch mob who wanted to gain access to the jail and hang Chester. The letters were not the only thing that attracted people to the trial. Harriet Benedict, the daughter of a prominent Cortland attorney.

15 Things to Know About Usher's Boss of a Wife, Grace Miguel

Harriet would never be allowed to forget her role in the Gillette case. Chester himself also testified as the first witness for the defense. When the trial was given to the jury, they convicted him of first-degree murder within five hours. In those days, if a criminal was convicted of first-degree murder it meant an automatic death sentence. On December 12, two days after receiving his death sentence, Chester was transferred to Auburn Prison.

On the train, he was able to mingle with a traveling burlesque troupe who ironically were also headed for Auburn for a show. Enjoying the limelight for perhaps the last time, he signed autographs for the performers. They presented new evidence that included a claim that Grace suffered from epilepsy. The governor declined to intervene after a phone call from the warden of Auburn Prison reassured him that Chester had confessed.

And so with all hope of appeals and reprieves exhausted, Chester was executed in the early morning hours of March 30, He was only twenty-four years old. However his story did not end in the death chamber of Auburn Prison. Since then, new theories have emerged about the case such as the theory that Chester and Grace were actually looking for an orphanage for Grace to stay in until her baby was born so that she could give it up and return to her regular life as though nothing had happened.

Another theory that has surfaced was that her death was a result of a suicide pact she had with Chester that went wrong. And I am sure that there will be more that will emerge as time goes on. As far as my experiences go during the Centennial commemoration inI attended nearly all the events except for a few, namely a bus trip to the premiere of the American Tragedy opera at the Metropolitan Opera house and probably the most important event of the commemoration: From the events I did attend though, I was an usher for the Herkimer performances of the trial reenactment that was performed by the Ilion Little Theater Club, including a performance that was held in the same courtroom where the real trial took place.


Well as far as ghost stories go, I personally have not had many encounters with ghosts despite the fact that I would like to see one. How is that possible?